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Monday October 31st no guest

October 31st    I had no guest today, just interesting callers.  We discussed several topics including foreclosure mills and the dirtballs who work for them who think it’s okay to mock out the people they have foreclosed upon.

Friday October 28th William Taylor Reil

 October 28th William Taylor Reil  Bill joins me again to discuss the 1917 Trading with the Enemies Act and the 1933 amendment to that act. Who is the enemy: Oct 6, 1917, under Trading w/enemy Act, section 2, subdivision (c), Chapter … Continue reading

Thursday October 27th Janet Phelan

 October 27th Janet Phelan Janet Phelan joins me again to discuss biological weapons. She’s a superb investigative journalist whose work can be found at

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Wednesday October 26th no guest

 October 26th  I had no guest today just great callers who helped me discuss Gloriiiiia Steinhem and the police state our illustrious elected officials and other useful idiots are creating. Pam Evans also updated us on what is happening in … Continue reading

Tuesday October 25th Cassandra Anderson

October 25th Cassandra Anderson Cassandra Anderson from the blog was my guest. We discussed her articles and a “liberty action kit” she created available on

Monday October 24th Colin Gunn

  October 24th Colin Gunn Colin Gunn co-producer of the documentary IndoctriNation joins me to discuss homeschooling your kids and our Public Schools. We talked with several listeners with a variety of opinions. is the website where you can purchase … Continue reading

Sunday October 23rd Jimmy X from Radio X

 October 23rd Jimmy X My guest is Radio X host Jimmy X. Join us as we discuss UN Agenda 21, zoning and other topics.

Friday October 21st Justin Padgett Resist 21

October 21st Jusin Padgett from Resist 21 joined me to discuss UN Agenda 21 in Texas. He discusses CAMPO 2035, proposition 2 & 8, GINI index and water. Listen in, he has a lot of important information you need to … Continue reading

Thursday October 20th

October 20th Sheriff Tony DeMeo from Nye County Nevada joins me to discuss his role in helping Rancher Wayne Hage who was under attack by the Bureau of Land Management. Sheriff Nye went toe to toe with his deputies against … Continue reading

Wednesday October 19th William Taylor Reil

October 19th William Taylor Reil William Taylor Reil joins me to discuss zoning and related issues.

Tuesday October 18th Dr. Michael Coffman

 October 18th Dr. Michael Coffman Dr. Michael Coffman joins me again today to discuss the “Wildlands Map” he created and what the designations mean. He has been fighting UN Agenda 21 sustainable development for a very long time. He has … Continue reading

Fred Hodgeboom Land use plans & your property rights.

 October 17th Fred Hodgeboom My guest today was Fred Hodgeboom President of Montanans for Multiple Use. He is a retired Forester and Land Use Planner with the US Forest Service.  His group has been fighting for property rights for almost … Continue reading

Sunday October 16th

October 16th

Friday October 14th William Taylor Reil

 October 14th William Taylor Reil My guest was William Taylor Reil and we discussed the 2nd and the 14th amendments of the Constitution as well as, Constables and Sheriffs. There is a tab on my website with his name on … Continue reading

Thursday October 13th Bill Guild and Kevin Barber AVTO

October 13th My guests were Bill Guild and Kevin Barber from Antelope Valley Truckers Organization. You can find them on Facebook. They are helping people in the Antelope Valley of California fight back against the code Nazis who are driving … Continue reading