There’s always free cheese in a mouse trap.

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            “We’re building a domestic army because the government is afraid of its own citizens. I can’t believe people don’t see it! Is everybody blind?… There’s always free cheese in a mouse trap.” Colonel Martino

           Yes, they are blind and they refuse to see. The truth is a painful revelation which few want to deal with, nor can they deal with it.  They’re afraid. Who can really blame people for looking the other way?  Personally, I’d rather watch the 1970’s ABC movie of the week. Who wants to know the American Dream is but an illusion. It’s a fraud, a con job, the big lie, the hustle, the scam and we’ve been “had” by the best con artists ever. Simply the best.

     The backdoor is the “new” front door. The Bolsheviks at the communist front group that calls itself the SPLC, label people who are opposed to their “government”–  domestic extremists.  They’ve got it all backwards. The real domestic extremists are the people who are supporting  a “tyrannical military police state government” , like the Bolsheviks at the SPLC.  The patriots are those people who oppose what the real domestic extremists are doing.

 Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition was a little ditty they sang in WWI. What shall we sing? Welcome to the NWO.

     Police State USA will be the new name for “America”. And you’ll like it. You’ll like it, or else.

 Things to know, thoughts to ponder:

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