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Stealing land the smart growth way

This was a speech given in 2003 which is still relevant today,  10 years later; the only thing that has changed is the date. The land grab continues unabated, across the nation and the globe. Stealing land the smart growth … Continue reading

Comprehensive plans & urban growth boundaries explained in 3 min.

     Joe Neal, South Carolina State Representative explains how “smart growth” embedded within Comprehensive Plans adopted by local government will encumber private property rights. He describes how “urban growth boundaries”  are arbitrarily created within plans which limit growth and development … Continue reading

All aboard the United Nations Cooperation Circles train to…your enslavement.

Cooperation circles sound just yummy, don’t they? After all, who doesn’t want to cooperate? But who is it you’ll be cooperating with and what is it about? There are all kinds of “cooperation circles” that one can “cooperate in”. Your … Continue reading

Monday Nov. 5th Dr. Paugh & Dr. Joe Arminio Reality will interrupt the illusion

Monday Nov. 5th Hr. 1 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh former resident of communist Romania joins me  to discuss her latest book, UN Agenda 21 Environmental Piracy which is available on Amazon. Dr. Paugh also described what she encountered on her latest trip … Continue reading

The traitors walk amongst us…Misprision of Treason

Wednesday April 25th Michael Shaw suggests charging those officials with Misprision of Treason who have enjoined themselves with foreign entities such as ICLEI. Information on Misprision of treason can be found at his website here Misprision of Treason Primer: Responding … Continue reading

Sunday January 8th You will sleep in a box. What size box?

January 8th http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/p00mmn27 part 1 http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/p00mmn3s part 2 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00mmn26  part 3  Listen to these  about NGO’s. Sent to me by a listener today during the show. NGO Non Governmental Organizations are UN “accredited” groups that push the green con, they don’t care if … Continue reading

Thursday January 5th Eco villages, grass roofs, locally centered lifestyles mean no escape for you

January 5th Conservation easements, Eco villages and unions are topics discussed today. Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me again. Her book, Echoes Of Communism is available on Amazon. Diana Hunter called into the show and mentioned the conservation easement data … Continue reading

Friday December 23rd Mimi Steel Who are the grievance and give me groups?

Decenber 23rd Mimi Steel Mimi Steel founder of the SFBay 912 Project and Citizens for Sustainable Liberty joins me to discuss what is happening in the San Francisco area. What is visioning? Consensus, wildlands, smart growth, sustainable development and light … Continue reading

Tuesday December 20th Who has the guns? Larry Pratt GOA

December 20th Who has the guns? 1st hr: Larry Pratt Exec. Director of Gun Owners of America joins me to discuss: “fast and furious”,   New Mexico Sheriffs and militias. His website is www.gunowners.org He is the author of several books which are … Continue reading

Wednesday December 14th What Agenda?

December 14th  I talked to myself today about UN Agenda 21.

Wednesday November 30th What is the carrying capacity of your land?

November 30th I talked to myself and some callers about the terms we hear often and what they really mean. Someone called in from Save our State, a California group that has been fighting against illegal immigration for years.  Someone … Continue reading

Sunday September 25th

September 25th    No guest today, just little ol’ me.

Friday Rosa Koire Behind the Green Mask UN Agenda 21

September 23rd Rosa Koire www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com www.postsustainabilityinstitute.org My guest today was Rosa Koire founder of The Post Sustainability Institute and Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. She has written a book entitled, Behind the Green Mask UN Agenda 21 which you can … Continue reading

Monday September 19th Michael Shaw www.freedomadvocates.org

 September 19th Michael Shaw Michael Shaw is my guest today. He has been fighting UN Agenda 21 for at least 12 years. He is the founder of the organization called Freedom Advocates. There is a ton of info on his site so … Continue reading

Monday September 12th

September 12th  No guest today so you get to hear my unsolicited opinion on the “Trans Pacific Partnership” and a few other topics.  Here’s a great website with good info. I had Terri Hall on my show a few days … Continue reading