Monday Nov. 5th Dr. Paugh & Dr. Joe Arminio Reality will interrupt the illusion

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Monday Nov. 5th

Hr. 1 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh former resident of communist Romania joins me  to discuss her latest book, UN Agenda 21 Environmental Piracy which is available on Amazon. Dr. Paugh also described what she encountered on her latest trip to eastern Europe. There just ain’t no fun to be had.

Hr. 2 Dr Joseph Arminio founder of the Society of Statesman  joins me to discuss the need for leadership training for youth and adults.

We champion Liberty, both spiritual and political. Toward these ends, we teach the source of Liberty and the source of the American Dream. Because leadership also requires good men and women speaking well, we teach Classical Rhetoric or oratory instruction of the type taught Lincoln and the Founding Fathers, not today’s typical Communications Course.

Furthermore, we proceed along Classical, Christian lines, seeing great merit in the methods of the medieval universities, which harnessed ancient Greek philosophy in the service of the Church, and which reconciled reason and faith.

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