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Stop the Con Con train…

  CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION 2013 a.k.a Amendments Convention; Convention of the States; and/or Article V Convention A GRIDLOCK OF FACT AND FICTION A Constitutional Convention (Con-Con) is just that, regardless the various softened names it has recently been given. The call … Continue reading

Monday Nov. 12th William Taylor Reil Patriots will you…

Monday Nov. 12th Veteran William Taylor Reil constitutional scholar and friend joins me again. We  discussed a variety of topics, and took a call from Frank  who engaged Bill and I in a lively discussion. Frank has a website and … Continue reading

Monday October 15th William Taylor Reil What constitution?

Monday October 15th  William Taylor Reil joined me to discuss the 14th amendment and a variety of other topics. Find his articles on my website under the tab with his name on it.

Wednesday August 15th Minister Derrick Grayson “Willful ignorance”

Wednesday August 15th My guest was Minister Derrick Grayson. His website is www.tmot.net and his you tube channel where you can hear what he has to say as well is “tmotofga”. He is a truth redistributor. We are deceived by … Continue reading

Friday August 10th Bill Reil Freedom of the press…

Friday August 10th  Bill Reil joined me to discuss freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Do you care about the loss of your freedom? Well, you should. Bill has written many documents that can be found on my website … Continue reading

Wednesday August 8th Sheriff Christopher And I say words mean?

Wednesday August 8th  Sheriff Jeff Christopher from Sussex County Delaware joins me to discuss what has happened in Delaware to the arrest authority of the Sheriff. He needs help with the costs of fighting back so if you can spare … Continue reading

Thursday June 22nd Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh Empowering truth…

Thursday June 22nd hr 1 Bill Reil smart cookie and constitutional scholar castes his pearls of wisdom our way. hr 2 Dr. Paugh joins me. www.ileanajohnson.com  

Tuesday May 15th Nancy Battle & Devvy Kidd The hardened patriot…

Tuesday May 15th  Hr 1 Nancy Battle fellow freedom fighter from Texas joins me to discuss  things she did in her town to fight against UN Agenda 21. If she can stand up at age 78 and fight back, all … Continue reading

March 28th Sustainable Communities Salamander huntin’ anyone?

Wednesday March 28th Mike Shaw  Freedom Advocates founder Michael Shaw www.freedomadvocates.org joins me to talk about BO’s executive orders and how they fit into the UN Agenda 21 game plan. Nationalization of the nation, Sustainable Communities and so much more … Continue reading

Monday March 19th Ron MacDonald and me

Monday March 19th Ron MacDonald  Ron joined me to discuss stuff. Just stuff.

Sunday March 18th Here an EO, there an EO, everywhere an EO…

Sunday March 18th Today I discussed the latest executive order from the BO. He likes making EO’s. Kinda reminds me of three little pigs…oops that’s  EI, EI, O….. wrong pig.

Thursday March 8th Dr. Paugh & Bill Reil As if…

Thursday March 8th Dr. Paugh & Bill Reil Hr 1 Dr. Paugh Hr 2 William Taylor Reil

March 2nd William Taylor Reil The sugar of patriotism…

March 2nd William Taylor Reil  William Taylor Reil joins me to discuss abuses and usurpations of the War Powers Act. I read excerpts from Officer Jack Mclambs new book entitled, Operation Vampire Killer 2012 American Police and Military Action Plan … Continue reading

February 29th Michael Shaw Food deserts are a mirage

February 29th Michael Shaw Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates www.freedomadvocates.org joined me to discuss regionalism and property rights councils (which are erroneously leading some down the road to slavery). You don’t create exactly what you are fighting then assume somehow your … Continue reading

February 17th William Taylor Reil The “malady” of human nature…

February 17th William Taylor Reil William Taylor Reil joined me to discuss the “malady” of human nature, Amish Farmers growing food you want to eat, but our government wants to deny you and oaths of office no one bothers to … Continue reading