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               Common Core. No Child Left Behind. Race To The Top. Goals 2000. School To Work.  All equal  indoctrination for the New World Order. Indoctrination aka brainwashing is the name of the “game” being played. In fact you most likely never heard the term New World Order and if you did thought nothing of it. In your mind it is nothing more than meaningless dribble some conspiracy theorist said. Nothing to see or have to worry about. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is something to see and something to worry about.

       Education or should I say, indoctrination is the key to success in turning the world upside down. George Orwell wrote in his novel 1984, “Ignorance is strength” and indeed it is. As your ignorance grows, so does their strength. He also wrote “Freedom is Slavery”.  They  (The NWO aka those who seek to enslave you aka moneychangers and their lackeys) have been using education to forge the chains of your bondage, one link at a time, for a very long time.

 Voltaire said, ” It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

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Go to and look at the documents under “education”.




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