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When will the singing begin?

Do you know what a White Privilege wristband is? http://eagnews.org/wisconsin-education-officials-want-students-to-wear-white-privilege-wristbands/ Here are articles tracking what they did. http://topconservativenews.com/2013/03/wisconsin-state-government-is-funding-hatred-against-white-people/ Of course now they claim they NEVER promoted this. They are backtracking because they were caught. http://topconservativenews.com/2013/03/wisconsin-dpi-on-the-run-after-calling-for-white-privilege-wristbands/ http://topconservativenews.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/privilege.pdf    Here is the … Continue reading

Let’s play a game.

I want to play a game. Will you join me? I am going to call it, “Who” is the the real oppressor?  I am going to post a link to a video and I want you to tell me who … Continue reading

Monday October 22nd Kevin Eggers Communitarianism is…

Monday October 22nd Kevin Eggers who writes the occasional article joins me to discuss Communitarianism.The grand poobah of them all. This is the philosophy driving UN Agenda 21.  And UN Agenda 21 is part of the grand plan by the … Continue reading

Wednesday October 10th Ken Eyring & Eileen Maschino Equity & Social Justice

Wednesday October 10th Eileen Mashimo and Ken Eyring from the Southern New Hampshire 912 group www.SouthernNH912.com and www.nhteapartycoalition.org joined  me to discuss the “sustainable communities initiative” in New Hampshire. What is it? It’s many things and here are just a … Continue reading

Tuesday June 19th Edmund Ruffin The Hatfields and McCoys

Tuesday June 19th Edmund Ruffin is a decendent of both the Hatfields and McCoys. He joins me to tell the true tale of what really happened. You can find his article here www.whitenewsnow.com  

Tuesday May 5th Don Casey The triple bottom line is…?

Tuesday May 5th So Don Casey joins me again to talk about the  “TBL” or “3BL” otherwise known as, “the triple bottom line”. He also discusses “food policy councils”  and I can guarantee, they’re not like a girl scout council. … Continue reading

Thursday May 24th Jim Goad & Dr. Paugh Stop telling the truth!

Thursday May 24th  Hr 1   Jim Goad editor of Taki’s Magazine joins me to discuss why white men suck.  They do ya know. Well, that’s what we are told anyway. Don’t believe it? Just ask any kid in school. The … Continue reading

Tuesday May 22nd Dave Kopacz Cookies and juice…

Tuesday May 22nd  Dave Kopacz from www.Masslpa.org joins me to discuss the joys of UN Agenda 21. Not! Listen in as we redistribute truth while drinking our juice and eating our cookies.

Monday May 21st Amanda Teegarden Oh those school days…

Monday May 21st Amanda Teegarden from OK-Safe.com joins me to discuss technology and other things. I played a clip  of a school kid attempting to ask his teacher a question. Drag your kids out of the indoctrination camps called schools … Continue reading

Friday Minister Derrick Grayson One of those trues…

Friday May 18th  Minister Derrick Grayson from the Electrick Church of Georgia joins me to caste his pearls of wisdom our way.  Listen in if you can handle the truth. Can you? Find his website here http://tmot.net/ And watch his … Continue reading

Thursday May 17th Colin Flaherty White Girl Bleed A Lot…knockout game

 Thursday May 17th Hr 1 Colin Flaherty author of “White Girl Bleed A Lot– The return of Racial Violence and How The Media Ignore It” joins me to discuss what the MSM won’t tell you.  The knockout game is happening all … Continue reading

Monday April 30th Merlin Miller The 3rd position…

Monday April 30th Merlin Miller  candidate for POTUS  representing The American Third Position Party http://american3rdposition.org/  joins me to discuss the fine mess we now find ourselves in here in the good ol’ USA. He explains his position on many of … Continue reading

Thursday April 12 Horus exposes the “pink” rabbits…

Thursday April 12 Hr1  Horus The Avenger joins me to discuss the role the “pink” rabbits are playing in the demise of the “white” rabbits. Find out how to fight back against the “pink” rabbits here www.whiterabbitradio.net  Hr2 Dr. Paugh … Continue reading

Thursday April 5th Dr. Paugh You humans just gots ta go…

Thursday April 5th Dr. Paugh  Hr 1  I discussed what was done to “Chicken Man” Andrew Wordes. On air today I inadvertently kept referring to him as “Chicken George”, my faux pas. You can read about what was done to … Continue reading

Thursday March 29th Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh In memory of “Chicken George”

Thursday March 29th Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh Hr 1 Bill Reil joined me to discuss the “law” and the myriad perversions of it. Actually, it’s not perverted, it’s ignored. The tragedy of the common man is the injustices leveled … Continue reading