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Wednesday September 19th Dave Kopacz Smile you’re on Community Access TV!

Wednesday September 19th  This podcast is available on www.oriontalkradio.com under the archive section. I will be posting the podcast on my site shortly. I am temporarily unable to post podcasts due to computer issues. Dave Kopacz joined me to offer ideas … Continue reading

Monday April 23rd Henry Lamb & Maria Rutenburg “Public servants” who serve ONLY themselves…

Monday April 23rd Hr 1 Henry Lamb joined me to discuss visioning meetings.  Here is his latest newsletter. http://www.freedom21.org/Newsletters/NL-2012/nl-042112.pdf Hr 2 Maria Rutenburg joined me to discuss her fight for property rights in San Mateo Calif. Feel free to contact … Continue reading

Thursday January 12th Dr. Paugh & Heather Gass What are “Efficient Human Settlements”?

 January 12th Dr.Ileana Johnson Paugh & Heather Gass Hr 1 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh joins me to discuss “efficient human settlements”. What are they? Who decides?  Find her articles here: www.ileanajohnson.com   Hr 2 Heather Gass from the East Bay Area Tea … Continue reading

Friday Rosa Koire Behind the Green Mask UN Agenda 21

September 23rd Rosa Koire www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com www.postsustainabilityinstitute.org My guest today was Rosa Koire founder of The Post Sustainability Institute and Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. She has written a book entitled, Behind the Green Mask UN Agenda 21 which you can … Continue reading

Henry Lamb “Comprehensive Plans” and you…

August 25th Henry Lamb www.sovereignty.net www.freedom21.org  Henry joins me again to discuss “global governance”, White House Rural Council, visioning, consensus, NGO’s,  comprehensive land use plans and the list goes on of the many ways they seek to enslave us. One … Continue reading

Friday July 1st Don Casey www.keepourights.org

July 1st Don Casey http://www.keepourights.org Don Casey joins me again to discuss food, food sheds, urban growth boundaries, comprehensive planning and various other aspects of UN Agenda 21 sustainable development that are enchroaching on our liberties minute by minute. Be alert … Continue reading

Wednesday June 22nd Janna Legg www.weekendmorningbuzz.blogspot.com

June 22nd Janna Legg http://www.weekendmorningbuzz.blogspot.com http://www.agenda21library.co.cc  Janna Legg joins me to discuss UN Agenda 21 and her fight against it.  What boulders and jagged edges line our path to “sustainability”? Are their cliffs ahead and blind curves? Of course, UN Agenda 21 … Continue reading

Thursday June 9 Fred Kelly Grant JD www.trademarkamerica.org

June 9 Fred Kelly Grant JD http://www.trademarkamerica.org/1.html Fred Kelly Grant JD joins me to discuss property rights and “coordination”. The “coordination process” as directed by Congress is simply that: a process by which local government and federal agencies are to … Continue reading

Tuesday May 31st Clarice Ryan Montanans for Multiple Use

May 31st Clarice Ryan http://www.mtmultipleuse.org/ Clarice  Ryan joins me to discuss her multiple year battle to stop the assault on property rights in her great state of Montana.  George Washington said, property rights and liberty go hand in hand, you  … Continue reading


Wednesday May 25th Don Casey www.keepourrights.org

May 25th Don Casey www.keepourrights.org Don Casey joins me again to discuss food sheds, vehicle miles traveled tax and land patents. What are these  you ask? Never heard of them you say? Well, in the famous words of Betty Davis, buckle up everybody you’re … Continue reading