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        Officer Jack McLamb is a member of  Police and Military Against The New World Order.   Operation Vampire Killer 2012 is now available for purchase.

You need to get this book into the hands of all law enforcement officers, military, as well as everyone you know. They need to understand what is really going on.  On the inside I would write:

  Dear patriot please read and pass on.

Officer Jack McLamb does NOT have a website. Someone has used his name and created a website which he has NO control over.  Don’t be fooled by any website claiming to be his.

Operation Vampire Killer 2012 flier  Operation Vampire Killer 2012 flier

Ordering information: 

Police & Military Against the NWO
115 Patrick Henry Court
Kamiah, Idaho 83536

For priority mailing, quantity prices, etc. call (208) 935-7852.  All $$$ goes back into printing more books.  (Please note. The correct prices below. The flyer has the wrong prices on it.)

$15.00 for 1
$28.00 for 2
$39.00 for 3

 (Includes US Media Mail shipping.)

Here is a partial list of places where Police & Military Against the New World Order would like to see a copy of the OVK 2012:

*  in the briefing/reading rooms of police precincts and sheriff offices (allowed perhaps in at least the friendlier, small town ones)

*  presented to active and veteran military personnel and organizations

*  to mayors, members of city council, county commissioners

*  to candidates running for local, county and state offices

*  to governors and state legislators, even federal representatives

*  to local school boards, home school families and associations

*  to ministers and other church officials

*  to local libraries and hometown newspaper editors

*  to historical societies, visitor information centers

*  etc., etc, etc.


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