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This tab is for documents sent to me from my frequent guest and Constitutional Scholar, William Taylor Reil. He has been studying the Constitution for 21 years. All documents are his opinion alone. My website is merely a “parking” lot for them. His email is:  wlibertyfirst (at symbol) aol.com 

 14th Amendment Info websites

Am Jur Constitutional Law – State Constitutions

April 26, 2011 hand-out – 14th Amendment.pdf

 What is the Original Intent and True Meaning of the “Commerce Clause”?

 Unconstitutional Act is not law

Introduction to the Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

It is unconstitutional to require and-or issue a _permit_ to carry a concealed weapon!

It’s Time to Nullify Real ID and its Regulation

List of Documents Prepared and Hand-Delivered by CSBP

No such thing as Case Law-5B.pdf

Nullification in a Nutshell

Nullification is the _Rightful Remedy

Nullification websites

PennDOT, Real ID, Driver’s License, and SSNs Handout

 It’s Time To Nullify The Real ID Act Of 2005 And Its Regulations

 Red tape chokes true liberty  

Separation of church and state is a proven myth!

The Victory For State Sovereignty letter 

Why Must Citizens Use the Courts to Protect our Rights?

 Ben Franklin’s Quote Applies Today

A Man Has A Religious Duty To Defend Himself

 “The CONSTITUTION of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania” 1776

 Common Law Structure of Government


It’s time to nullify Real ID

Is it not possible that an individual may be right and the government wrong?

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