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                        UN AGENDA 21 “CONSPIRACY”

         UN Agenda 21 is not a theory, it’s a fact.

UN Agenda 21 aka Sustainable development sustains nothing and takes everything.  It’s a wonderfully Orwellian term designed to dupe people into thinking they are doing something positive, when in reality they are enslaving themselves and their posterity.  Sustainable development means denial of your right to use your property as you like.   It’s about economic, environmental and social justice.  It’s about redistributing your wealth, prosperity and opportunity to have a better life out of this country and into 3rd world countries.  It’s about denying you the right to own property all in the name of “social justice”.   Social justice is NOT equal justice.   Our country was founded on the ideal of “all men are created equal”. Social justice means some people are more equal than others. Is that what you want for your future (or should I say, lack thereof due to this)? I bet if you ask your children who are being indoctrinated by our Communist school system if they want to be slaves, they’d say NO!  The best thing you can do for yourselves and your children is to home school them and get into the fight against this diabolical plan.  Do it now!  Arm yourself with information and join forces with others who are fighting against this.  The fight is local because that is how they are implementing this right in your backyard.   If you don’t know anyone in your neighborhood that is fighting back, then start a group yourself. Meet-up is a great way to find like-minded people so go there, start looking and start a group. Contact me and I can help you get started. The time is now!


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