Randy Murray Legally Stupid- Why Johnny Doesn’t Have to Read

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 October 10th Randy Murray

My guest today was Randy Murray who is a former high school English teacher and author of the books: Prole Nation and Legally Stupid-Why Johnny Doesn’t Have To Read.  “Most Americans would define the word read to involve picking up a book, magazine or newspaper and decoding those 26 symbols called letters that are linked together to form words that are linked together to say something that makes sense.  Modern education theorists, however, have re-defined read to include someone else doing that decoding process. They say reading to/for someone is the same thing as having that person do the reading himself.” You cannot make this craziness up.

website http://www.voicefromthepews.com where you can purchase his books and read his articles.

He is also in a documentary entitled IndoctriNation Movie which can be found at www.indoctrinationmovie.com

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