Thursday October 18th Don Casey Just say NO! to GMO labeling…

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Thursday October 18th

 I had three guests today. John Diaz and Raj Shah fighting for GMO labeling on food in California joined me at the last minute for the first half hour. Their website is Take a look and see what you think. Someone called into the show and said they are the opposite side of Hegel’s Dialectic and lead to Codex Alimentarius so do your own research and if you don’t know what Hegel’s Dialectic is or what Codex Alimentarius is, look those up too.

Don Casey co founder of Keep Our Rights was my guest. He talked about permaculture, food sheds, the triple bottom line, intergenerational equity, National Heritage Areas, Hohenwald Tennessee is waking up to the truth and a whole lot more. Listen in cause ain’t nothing what it seems. Nope. Nothin’.

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