Monday January 30th Comm. Rothschild talks green prints- Jeff Lewis & Rick Frey Will the real terrorists please stand up?

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January 30th Comm. Rothschild, Jeff Lewis & Rick Frey

Hr 1 Commissioner Richard Rothschild from Carroll County Md. joins me to discuss the Plan Maryland land grab signed by executive order by the Governor.  This is designed to usurp local control over property rights and implement statewide control over YOUR property. What is  ag-print, green-print and growth-print? Listen in to find out.  Here are the presentations of people who came to the conference Commissioner Rothschild mentioned. 

Plan Maryland handout-great talking points

Hr 2  Jeff Lewis National Dir. of the Patriot Coalition and Richard Frey, General Counsel join me to discuss the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)  law. Their organization has teamed with Stewart Rhodes from Oathkeepers to write a resolution to expose what the NDAA  really means and to encourage legislators to stand against what is contained therein. new site so you must put this in your browser to reach it


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