Friday March 18th Hour 2 Fred Delia Delia’s Gun Shop

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March 18-2011 Podcast 

Fred is the owner of Delia’s Gun Shop which has been under attack by gun grabbers and haters of your right to defend yourself who call themselves, Neighborhood Partners To End Gun Violence. They pretend they are only trying to “bring attention to gun violence in Philadelphia”, but what they are really trying to do is deny you the right to defend yourself. Guns don’t commit crimes, people do and 99% of the time those criminals are using illegal guns to commit those crimes, NOT guns purchased legally from people like Fred Delia. The right to defend yourself is an UNALIENABLE right that comes from our creator, not man. Only people who think they have the right to prevent you from protecting yourself, think law abiding citizens like Fred Delia are the problem.

Delia’s Gun Shop
6104 Torresdale Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19135-3718

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