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Wednesday October 24th

 Monica Stone joins me from the South Africa Project to discuss what is really going on in her native country, South Africa. And what is really going on is-White Genocide! The black majority, including their president and the Communist Nelson Mandela sing songs about killing the white minority. Isn’t that nice. That seems to be the m.o. of all the commies in history, doesn’t it? 

    Who created this mess? Monica mentioned the “immigrants” pursuing gold and diamonds. Hmm. I wonder who that was? It’s always about the money, always. It doesn’t matter where you look or what century you are looking at; just follow the money and you will find the truth. Listen in and hear a totally different story of what is happening and has happened in South Africa than the bs you’ve been fed all your life. Spit out the bs now! Monica has a radio show entitled South Africa Project heard Saturdays at 5:30pm CST on Blog Talk Radio.

Monica gave the following speech:

First of all I want to thank Aryan Nations who started the South Africa Project, as well as others from other organizations and individuals who are dedicating their time, financial resources and most of all their love for the Boer Nation to stand here today in solidarity against the Boer Genocide.I thank those who are not able to be here, but with printed word and inspiring voice spreading the message of the genocide of the Boer Nation. We thank the Police Department of Washington DC for their presence. God bless you !
I am child of the White Tribe of South Africa, a member of the Boer Nation who fought brave battles and wars to protect our inheritance, our land and her people. We built cities, hospitals, schools, universities and roads so all the people of this great land can prosper and live in peace. We brought the knowledge of the Most High God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth to South Africa and far beyond her borders. We fought a war against the communist forces on our border for twenty plus years with the best army on the continent of Africa. We lost the war and our country to politics and treason.
Now the Boer Nation is fighting a war against gangster-terrorists who do not represent a country, not wearing a uniform. but sneak like a thief in the night to torture, maim and murder my people. They disappear amongst the population and the chances of arrest and punishment are very slim.
I am here today to inform you of the genocide taking place in my country of South Africa.
The white farmer-families are being tortured and murdered in a most unspeakable manner. Babies are raped and killed. With so many farmers off the land South Africa is heading towards starvation to all and every one. The outcome will be a bottomless pit of misery and death.
The attacks are especially focused on the Afrikaner Nation, who just as the canned lions for the pleasure and satisfaction of the hunter being put in cages to be killed, so it is with the Afrikaners who are unable to be defend themselves to be slaughtered on a daily basis.
The greatness of South Africa is rapidly sinking into a quagmire of misery and despair, despotism and endless wars like the rest of the African continent.
I am pleading today to you the people of this great land to take notice and raise your voices in protest do not allow the voices of the babies and elderly and those in between to be silenced calling for help but to put a stop to their suffering by the hand of uncontrolled gangster-terrorists who are murdering and raping for the sheer pleasure of it.
South Africa is on Stahe 6 out of 8 stages according to Genocide Watch, it is only two small steps to the total annihilation of the Boer Nation.
At this moment in time there are nearly a million Afrikaners living in squatter camps in absolute squalor with no hope of ever finding a job because of the racism of the African National Congress. Most of the children go to sleep without even one meal a day. Many of the elderly died already of starvation and many more will die if there is no help to correct this situation.
I have just one message to you on the other side of the fence protesting against our peaceful gathering to stop the massacre of the Afrikaner/Boer nation. Reflect on this action, you are not protesting against us, you are condoning and approving the annihilation of a people. When the tide is turned on you, remember this well. Keep in mind the xenophobia taking place between the different black races, so if you are protesting against us, you are also conding the slaughter of the many different black races you care so much about.
May you find mercy in your soul to be of help to the Boers in South Africa.
Thank you
God Bless you !

 Other websites with information on what is really going on:
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