Tuesday October 23rd Steve Hempfling “voluntary” compliance

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Tuesday October 23rd

 Steve Hempfling joins me from the Free Enterprise Society to talk about free enterprise. The link to his group is below. This weekend they are having a seminar in Sacramento Ca. and info is on their website.

What is known today as Free Enterprise Society was formed in 1979 by a small group of individuals who were very concerned about the simultaneous expansion of bureaucracy, erosion of individual rights, and plunder of private wealth by slick government debt and taxing schemes.

Unlike groups that merely paid lip service to freedom, Free Enterprise Society put their money where their mouth was. With their homes, jobs, and reputations at stake, Free Enterprise Society members held official authority accountable under the United States Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land in this country. Many of these challenges went into the courts. There were both wins and losses. The wins we celebrated; the losses were studied very carefully to prevent their repetition.

Free Enterprise Society seminars and study courses, have determined lawful ways of avoiding intolerable debt and tax burdens. Have you ever stopped to wonder how much more enjoyable your life would be without these two burdens, debt and taxes? A Free Enterprise Society member will tell you it’s incredible, and that getting there – the meetings, the study, the new acquaintances, the conferences – is half the fun. 

To promote free enterprise worldwide and restore lost liberties and freedoms in America under the organic National Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America.


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