Monday March 26th Rev.Ted Pike Hate crimes and “you”, well only if “you” are white and a Christian

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Monday March 26th Rev.Ted Pike

My guest today was Rev. Ted Pike. We discussed Biblical prophecy. Who were the Pharisees? What is the Talmud? What is the truth? Who is the focus of hate crime laws? He mentioned the Good Christian Bitches show currently airing on ABC and the attempt by his organization The National Prayer Network to raise awareness of it and to get sponsors of the show to withdraw. Why would the Jewish owned network ABC think it is OK to denigrate Christians, yet if Christians created a show called Good Jewish Bitches, there would be wailing and gnashing of teeth? Seems to me there is something really wrong with this picture, don’t you think?

Here is an article with info on who to call at ABC to voice your opinion on their show they now only use an acronym, GCB to describe.

Here is a list of the sponsors of the show.


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