Karen Budd-Falen Just how dirty is the Clean Water Act?

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November 21st Karen Budd Falen

        My guest today was attorney Karen Budd Falen who has been fighting for property rights for years. The Clean Water Act as well as other topics were discussed. She discusses the variety of secretarial orders being promulgated by the various Directors of Federal Agencies, such as the EPA. Did you know that no public land use can exceed the use defined by the Wildlands Project, so that means animals come first, humans second. Did you know the Clean Water Act has been redefined to include your mud puddles? Did you know that Secretarial “Orders” like those from Secretary of the EPA Lisa Jackson are NOT published in the Federal Register, they’re hidden so you don’t even know about them until you become victimized by them? Did you know that Clinton’s 1995 Paperwork Reduction Act meant that the hundreds of millions of YOUR tax dollars spent on litigation brought by environmental groups (which ultimately goes into their coffers), is no longer accounted for?

Most Americans are unaware of how their property rights are being eroded. In fact, they won’t find out until they attempt to use their property as they see fit, then the sledge hammer will drop.




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