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Friday February 10th William Taylor Reil What’s in a Constitution?

Friday February 10th William Taylor Reil William Taylor Reil joined me today to talk about the Constitution and who thinks we no longer need our Constitution. We also talked about the patriot Congressman Charles Lindbergh. Boy could we use 485 … Continue reading

February 7th Paul Fromm Does free speech matter?

February 7th Paul Fromm Paul Fromm joins me to discuss free speech and the lack thereof. Is denying the unalienable right to free speech denying justice? Does free speech matter? His website is being revised so check back in a … Continue reading

Wednesday February 1st Prof. Koestler Do you know how to think? Sheriff Wilson defending you from them…

February 1st Prof. Koestler & Sheriff Dean Wilson  Hr 1 Prof. Koestler joins me to discuss “how” to think, which beats not thinking hands down. Systems Thinking Bibliography3 Hr 2 Sheriff Dean Wilson from Del Norte County California joins me to … Continue reading

Alice Moore Whose values should be taught… Richard Frey NDAA is a comin’ for you Part 2

January 31st Alice Moore & Richard Frey Hr1 Alice Moore, patriot and activist joins me to discuss what happened in the schools of West Virginia in 1974. Destroy our children and you destroy America was the mantra by some, over … Continue reading

Monday January 30th Comm. Rothschild talks green prints- Jeff Lewis & Rick Frey Will the real terrorists please stand up?

January 30th Comm. Rothschild, Jeff Lewis & Rick Frey Hr 1 Commissioner Richard Rothschild from Carroll County Md. joins me to discuss the Plan Maryland land grab signed by executive order by the Governor.  This is designed to usurp local control … Continue reading

Friday January 27th Dave Bego To work or not to work…

January 27th Dave Bego & Bill Reil  Hr1  What does “right to work” really mean? Are unions for you or are the union bosses just plotting against you.  Hear from someone who spent one million dollars fighting against the union “hustle”. … Continue reading

Wednesday January 25th Michael Shaw and the “property rights council” soviet

January 25th Michael Shaw  Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates   www.freedomadvocates.org joins me to discuss “property rights councils” which he and  I both agree are just another “soviet” structure and are NOT the answer to the assaults on our property rights.

January 24th Dave Kopacz How green is your prison?

January 24th Dave Kopacz  Fearless patriot Dave Kopacz from the Massachusetts Liberty Preservation Association joins me to discuss how HUD plans on redistributing misery. http://masslpa.org/

Monday January 23rd Are the laws, lawfully laws?

January 23rd Ron MacDonald is my guest again. He is the author of the book entitled, They Own It All Including You.  We discussed tactics one can use to fight back against unlawful laws. Someone called in and suggested the following … Continue reading

Monday January 9th Ronald MacDonald You have no right to your rights, anymore.

January 9th Ronald joins me again to discuss Administrative Law, what does it really mean, codes, permits, the FRB (Federal Reserve Bank) and how to begin to fight back. Listen in, he provided great information and insight. Did you know … Continue reading

Friday December 30th William Taylor Reil Posse Comitatus and you.

December 30th William Taylor Reil Bill Reil joins me to discuss Posse Comitatus, Sheriff Brigades, what are they and can you start one, and militias. The Pa. Militia was changed in 1850 to be called a “National” guard. How can … Continue reading

Wednesday December 28th Sheriff Jon Lopey Why do the green nazis want to destroy clean energy dams?

December 28th Sheriff Jon Lopey Siskiyou California County Sheriff Jon Lopey joins me to discuss the assaults on individual liberty taking place in his county by out of control bureaucrats. He discussed the pending demolition of four dams which provide … Continue reading

Tuesday December 27th Arkady Faktorovich How does one control people?

December 27th Arkady Faktorovich Arkady Faktorovich joins me to discuss life in the Soviet Union. He says he has come from “our future” to warn us. Do people who hail from a communist nation “see” what we cannot? I think … Continue reading

Monday December 26th Sheriff Mack Constitutional Sheriffs, tyranny and the police state.

December 26th Sheriff Richard Mack  joins me today to discuss the upcoming meeting he is coordinating  on January 29-31, 2012 – Las Vegas, NV. Please help make this happen. The peace officers are uniting to free America from state and federal tyranny. … Continue reading

Wednesday December 21st What is good behavior?

December 21st Bill Reil Bill Reil is my guest again today. We discuss the  founding fathers idea of what judges were to be doing, not what they are doing, the Judiciary Act of 1802 and who is making the mouse trap. Separation … Continue reading