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Wednesday June 13th Merlin Miller The A3P is…

Wednesday June 13th  Merlin Miller candiate for POTUS running on The American Third Position Party joins me again to discuss his screenplay, False Flag as well as his position on a variety of topics. Check out the websites below for … Continue reading

Monday June 11th Debbie Coffey The ABC Method…

Monday June 11th Debbie Coffey joins me to discuss the closing of our roads by government agencies like the BLM, the Forrest Service and various other so called “public servants”. Smile you are on “government” camera. The cameras are in … Continue reading

Monday June 4th A collection of very bad ideas…

Monday June 4th Jessica Annis who is a freedom fighter from Toronto joins me to discuss the assault on liberty, freedom and property rights in Canada. She is an expert on land use management whose website is

Monday May 7th Heather Gass & Frank Jorge Velvet gloves and iron fists…

Monday May 7th  Hr 1 Heather Gass  freedom fighter extraordinaire and leader of The East Bay Tea Party joins me to discuss regionalism and unelected bureaucrats making decisions for you. She mentioned a folder she takes with her to … Continue reading

Sunday May 6th Ron Stephens Sterilizing the countryside…

Sunday May 6th  Ron Stephens joined me again to talk about UN Agenda stuff. There is a lot of “stuff” about it to discuss.

Thursday April 26th Warren Duffy & Dr. Paugh The grand scam…

Thursday April 26th Hr 1 Warren Duffy joins me to discuss the cap & trade scam and how that will steal more of your $ while it will continue to enrich the the scam artists perpetrating it. It is always the same … Continue reading

Monday April 23rd Henry Lamb & Maria Rutenburg “Public servants” who serve ONLY themselves…

Monday April 23rd Hr 1 Henry Lamb joined me to discuss visioning meetings.  Here is his latest newsletter. Hr 2 Maria Rutenburg joined me to discuss her fight for property rights in San Mateo Calif. Feel free to contact … Continue reading

Sunday April 22nd Ron Stephens And the green commies march on…

Sunday April 22nd  Ron joined me to discuss UN Agenda 21 crap and there’s a lot of crap to talk about. You can find good info here.

Thursday April 19th Dr. Paugh Defrauded and robbed…what will you do?

Thursday April 19th  Hr 1  I read a few sentences from the preface of Nesta Webster’s book Secret Societies and Subversive Movements found here:! Clip of a 12 yo Canadian girl discussing how central banks defraud and rob us.  Hr 2 … Continue reading

April 17th Don Casey Toilet paper commies say…no sheets for you!!!

April 17th Don Casey joined me to discuss GIS ground penetrating radar mapping everything underground, RFID chips included in everything and soon in the ink imbedded in each sheet of your toilet paper to track how much you use. Think … Continue reading

Friday April 13th Doreen Hannes farming the truth…

April 13th  Doreen Hannes aka Truth Farmer joins me to hoe a row or two of truth. She explained the differences in hybrid, heirloom and GMO seeds for those of us (me) who don’t have a clue about growing anything … Continue reading

Monday April 2nd Mark Baker Pigs are an invasive species?? HELP WILBUR!!!

Monday April 2nd  Mark Baker Mark and Jill  Baker own Baker’s Green Acres. Their pig farm in Michigan is under attack by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) who claim the pigs they raise on their farm are feral and … Continue reading

Tuesday March 27th Dave Kopacz Killin’ “Wilbur” in Michigan

Tuesday March 27th Dave Kopacz is Dave’s group Open Letter to the Southern Poverty Law Center Killin’ “Wilbur” off in Michigan…how many people will eventually starve because our food sources have been stolen, destroyed (chem trails), rendered sterile or killed off? … Continue reading

Thursday March 15th Terri Hall & Dr. Paugh Smoke & mirrors

Thursday March 15th Terri Hall & Dr. Paugh  Hr 1 Terri Hall freedom fighter extraordinaire joins me to discuss the latest attempt by the toll road commies to enact tolls via the back door. She discusses the fraud of public … Continue reading

Property Rights Councils: Adding a Stakeholder to the Soviet Brew

Property Rights Councils: Adding a Stakeholder to a Soviet Brew  by Michael Shaw “Recently, several have called for the municipal creation of Property Rights Councils (PRC). The argument is that government officials need input for this “special interest.” Paul Coble … Continue reading