Monthly Archives: November 2012

Friday Nov. 16th The last paragraph…

Friday Nov. 16th No guest today just me discussing several topics. There is no place to hide though oddly many  believe there is. Nope. It’s just a dream. Facial recognition software is the rave. Yeah right. It’s there and you … Continue reading

Thursday Nov. 15th Andrew Peacher and Kevin Bull The earth needs rebels…

Thursday Nov. 15th  Have you ever heard of the UN Rights of The Child Treaty? Most people never have, many soon will.  Government agencies are stealing children all over the world under the guise of the protecting them. Andrew and … Continue reading

Wednesday Nov. 14th Charlotte Iserbyte Boycott the truth…

Wednesday Nov. 14th Charlotte Thomson Iserbyte joins me again to discuss the truth.  We have “communists in conservative clothing” parading all about us. Charlotte has valiantly  attempted to expose them for decades. She is the author of the book entitled, … Continue reading

Tuesday Nov. 13th Phil Tourney What I saw that day…

Tuesday Nov. 13th Phil Tourney joins me again to talk about what happened to him on the USS Liberty which was attacked by Israel in 1967 during their “six day war”. Watch the BBC documentary available on you tube entitled, … Continue reading

Monday Nov. 12th William Taylor Reil Patriots will you…

Monday Nov. 12th Veteran William Taylor Reil constitutional scholar and friend joins me again. We  discussed a variety of topics, and took a call from Frank  who engaged Bill and I in a lively discussion. Frank has a website and … Continue reading

Friday Nov. 9th The UN is stealing children

Friday Nov. 9th The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is discussed. Stealing children from their families is their goal. The UN is not your friend. Byzantine Catholic Priest speaks about the UN stealing children under the … Continue reading

Thursday Nov.8th Deanna Spingola Censoring history

Thursday Nov.8th  Deanna Spingola joins me to discuss some historical facts few know anything about including me. Who knew there was so much we had never heard of?  Deanna has authored two books available on her website. She is also the … Continue reading

Wednesday November 7th Michael Shaw & Jerry Kirk Just a worn out pair of shoes…

Wednesday November 7th hr 1 Michael Shaw founder of Freedom Advocates joins me to discuss human settlements, the attack on your car and various other fun things the communitarians are implementing all over this planet. They are evil. Pure evil. … Continue reading

Tuesday November 6th Monica Stone The tip of the spear…

Tuesday October 6th        Monica Stone joins me again to continue her exposure of the terror being perpetrated on the Boers of So. Africa. What is happening there will happen here; it’s only a matter of time. If you want to … Continue reading

Monday Nov. 5th Dr. Paugh & Dr. Joe Arminio Reality will interrupt the illusion

Monday Nov. 5th Hr. 1 Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh former resident of communist Romania joins me  to discuss her latest book, UN Agenda 21 Environmental Piracy which is available on Amazon. Dr. Paugh also described what she encountered on her latest trip … Continue reading

Friday Nov. 2nd Dr. Kevin MacDonald Ethnomasochism? Hmm.

Friday Nov. 2nd      What is ethnomasochism and do you suffer from it? If you do you probably don’t even know it. Why? Well, years of browbeating makes one a masochist and if you happen to be a white person, … Continue reading

Thursday Nov 1st Carol Schultz The cat is where it’s at!

Thursday Nov 1st            The International Property Maintenance Code  found here is the version of property maintenance code being used all across the nation (and world). Local jurisdictions cite property owners with a myriad of violations based on this code.  Most people … Continue reading