Monthly Archives: August 2012

Friday August 10th Bill Reil Freedom of the press…

Friday August 10th  Bill Reil joined me to discuss freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Do you care about the loss of your freedom? Well, you should. Bill has written many documents that can be found on my website … Continue reading

Thursday August 9th Karen Schoen Divide and conquer…

Thursday August 9th  Divide and conquer…that’s the name of the game, but unless you talk about it, how will you know it’s happening? Karen Schoen an “Agender” joins me to talk about the various strategies used to divide all of us. … Continue reading

Wednesday August 8th Sheriff Christopher And I say words mean?

Wednesday August 8th  Sheriff Jeff Christopher from Sussex County Delaware joins me to discuss what has happened in Delaware to the arrest authority of the Sheriff. He needs help with the costs of fighting back so if you can spare … Continue reading

Tuesday August 7th Ryan Elson Exposing The Fake Roots

Tuesday August 7th  Canadian Freedom Fighter Ryan Elson joins me to discuss the green commies up his way. Listen in as we discuss the green cons going on in Canada under the guise of “sustainability”.

Rosa Koire “Strategy To Win”

Rosa Koire, friend and Freedom Fighter extraordinaire has a “strategy to win”. Please read this and send off to others. STRATEGY.TO.WIN.KOIRE.2012 Also check out her websites linked below.  

Monday August 6th Whose got the guns? Gun Owners of America

Monday August 7th Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America joins me to discuss the continual assault on our God given right to defend ourselves.

Chick-fil-a freedom lovers speak!

Chick-fil-a video my friend Dan Haggerty recorded on Wednesday 8-1-12 at a mall in NJ. He along with Billy Baer are the hosts of the Baer-Haggerty Offense Radio Show. Their show is heard on every Wednesday at 3pm EST

Friday August 3rd Frank Szabo Sheriffs & You…

Friday August 3rd    Frank Szabo is running for Sheriff in Hillsboro County, New Hampshire. He WILL be a Constitutional Sheriff just like Sheriff Lopey and a handful of others across the nation. He will defend you from assaults on your property. … Continue reading

Thursday August 2nd The rancid reality of the truth

Thursday August 2nd Chick-fil-a, rap and dressage, cultural marxists were topics I discussed today.  Here’s the video I mentioned.

Wednesday August 1st The first dry run…Warren Duffy

Wednesday August 1st  Warren Duffy joins me to discuss the carbon trading scam which is to begin in California in November. His group will be holding a protest on August 15th at the state capital in Sacramento from 11a-1pm PST. … Continue reading