Thursday October 11th Vinnie Eastwood & John Pero The land we own…they control.

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Thursday October 11th  

After some self-inflicted technical problems, I was able to add my guest, Vinnie Eastwood.

 hr 1  Vinni Eastwood joined me just to laugh a little. He hosts The Vinnie Eastwood Show heard on  from 6p-8p EST. His website is He uses humor to whack the cultural Marxists and does a great job of it. He also produced several documentaries which can be purchased so check them out on his site.

hr 2  John Pero joined me to discuss YARTS (The Yosemite Area Regional Transportation Plan)  I am sure a plan identical to, or a variation thereof, will be coming to or is already in, a so-called “public” park/area near you.   

The following link will take you to a PPP John created that thoroughly explains how they are incrementally removing access to OUR public lands.  Link to John’s power point presentation (excerpt below)

-Provide the background on the 1980 Yosemite General Management Plan (GMP), Wild & Scenic Rivers Act (WSRA), Merced River Plan (MRP), and the rescinded Yosemite Valley Plan (YVP)
-Provide a historical back ground of YARTS & the problems associated with using this taxpayer subsidized transportation system including budget, social, environmental and residential issues
-Discuss alternative ways of reducing park congestion
-Recommend low impact solutions in lieu of YARTS for park congestion, and why restoring thousands of parking spaces in Yosemite Valley and a private free market solution are a better approach
-Encourage the public to participate in upcoming 90-day comment phase of the MRP this Fall 2012


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