Tuesday October 9th Alina Ramirez No farmers will be farming…

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Tuesday October 9th

Alina Ramirez grew up in Cuba. She recognizes the symptoms of cancer rotting this nation and cancer permeated Cuba too. Once Castro took over it was only a short time before the farmers were no longer farming and finding food became the daily obsession. How do you control people? Food and guns. It really is very simple. Who were the “worms”? Those who were not pro-Castro.

Soon America will be no different than Cuba. Have you stopped to think what will life be like for you? Where will you get your food? How many people will be moved into your house? Will everything you own be taken from you? Will you hide your children or will they take them away?

We are on the same road the Cuban people were on many years ago. The question left to answer is will you go along willingly or will you say no?

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