Something evil this way comes…


All the politicians and others who are responsible for this – traitors. Pure, unadulterated traitors. Remember them.

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Life as a green slave


big brother is watching you.



How “far-fetched” do you think this commercial is? It isn’t far-fetched, it is happening in varying degrees, all across the globe. Every single thing you do will be monitored. Welcome to the future and the future is now. Life as a green slave in a green police state.

Garth Turner


“The Tree Police

Cindy thought it would be a cool idea to carpet her lawn. So she did. Astroturf. Synthetic grass. Always green, forever clipped, no lawnmower, no trimmer, never a squirrel hole and no watering. Just green, crisp and neat.

Besides, on her Toronto street the green space in front of most homes is barely 15 feet across, once the parking pad is factored in. The urban soil is dodgy, and sunshine rarely gets through the canopy of boulevard trees. Growing healthy grass is almost a lost cause.

“So screw it,” she said. “We went for the plastic.”

A year later Cindy and Toby had another kid and decided to add to the back of the house. Fine. Drawings, permits, committee of adjustment approval – it all got done, but the project would mean the removal of a tree. Not that great a tree, either. And a private one – owned by them, in their back yard.

Enter the tree police.

The city sent a couple of guys to look at it, and determine if the slaughter could occur. In the course of that visit, every piece of vegetation on the lot became subject to inspection. Including the rubber lawn. And while it passed, the small amount of synthetic grass Cindy had installed around the boulevard tree on city property in front of their home did not.

As a condition of securing their building permit, she was ordered to remove the carpet, replace the dirt beneath and sod it, at her own expense. “I can live with that,” she says, “but not the tree tax.” Cindy and Toby were required to write a cheque for $4,000 as a ‘security deposit’ on the boulevard tree which sits on land they don’t own. If it croaks, they lose the money. If it lives for a few years, they get it back.

“This is disgusting,” she says. “Worse, it’s extortion. Where am I supposed to get an extra four thousand?”

People without houses lament the fact they can’t paint the walls chartreuse, plant a medical marijuana garden or ‘make the place my own.’ They often have absolutely no idea of the financial burden of home ownership, or the straitjacket most urban owners live inside of. On Cindy’s street, for example, old mutual driveways are too narrow to pilot the SUV down, but the city controls who can turn a lawn into parking. You can’t move an interior wall or finish your basement, let alone plant a single support for a new back deck, without a permit and a fee.

Wood-burning fireplaces are essentially banned. Fences must be three metres in height, and no shrubs can poke above them. If a garage falls down, it cannot be replaced. Of course, any city employee can come and spray paint instructions on your grass, along with the gas and hydro guys. In a country where citizens have no constitutional right to own property,  you can even have your whole house seized for an on-ramp or a park.

By the way, the people on Cindy’s street (where unremarkable houses on 30-foot lots cost a million) pay about $500 a month in property tax. They pay the city a garbage tax, as well, plus a water bill. Electricity charges are slated to rise by about 40% over the next few years, and if anyone decides to move, there’s double land transfer tax in Toronto. The average moving tax on this street is about $35,000.

Homeowners pay considerably more for insurance than renters, which is to be expected. New policies routinely come with a home inspection these days, and that normally results in a list of defects. No repairs, no insurance. No insurance, no mortgage.

Of course, houses have to be heated and cooled, which requires a furnace and air conditioning unit, which need regular maintenance, filters and duct-cleaning, lest your kids like inhaling carpet fibres and tasty dust mites. By the way, if the furnace is over four years of age, it’s probably an energy pig – which is consequential, given the increases in oil and gas prices. Outside, the garden needs attention, because the city can order you to remove any noxious weeds. Fail, and they’ll send some guys in brown shorts to do that job, and send you a bill. Don’t pay, and it goes on your property tax.

Same with the sidewalk out front. If you don’t clear the ice and snow within twelve hours of a storm, the fine is $100, plus a $25 surtax. Each time. And bugs. Watch the little suckers. Whole swaths of trendy, in-demand areas of Toronto, for example, packed with those slanty semis that hipsters love to bid for, are laced with termites. Getting rid of them can easily cost a few thousand bucks when trenching is involved. And there’s no point even starting if your infested neighbour refuses to spend the dough.

Did I mention the bed bugs? Or the white grubs in the lawn that are caviar to raccoons? The cute little guys have sharp snouts and can turn your turf into a miniature version of France during World War One in a single night. Of course, you can always come home one evening to see the bungalow next door has been demolished and a giant, smelly yellow machine is sitting on top of the bricks…”

And here is another example of a man sent to jail for illegally collecting rainwater…that’s right; jail time for having a pond on YOUR property.

 What will you do when they come for you?

There’s no antidote for the poison…


What is “Cultural Marxism”?  Cultural Marxism has been dubbed “the greatest cancer in the Western world” but few even know what it is. 

“Cultural Marxists” said they’d make the “long march through our institutions” and they have. Without exception, the “cultural Marxists” have undermined every institution we have. This is a direct assault on Christian values and their goal is to destroy Western Civilization by destabilizing our society.  How do they do it?

Here is a perfect example.  Concerned father William Baer objected to the lewd content in the so-called literature his fourteen year old daughter was assigned to read. Listen to the brief excerpt from this assigned text.

    Kids can’t add two plus two, can’t locate our nation’s capital on a map, don’t know who Abraham Lincoln was, but they have them reading stories about screwing in their parents living room and cleaning sperm off the carpet.

     This photo is from an event held at UC Berkley to celebrate National Condom Week.

Kids2photo from Campus Reform  Feb 20, 2014

    Games included condom tossing and something called, “pin-the-tail on the anus.”   This is what they teach the kids in college.  Forget Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, we can toss condoms instead.

The innocent little elementary school kids in the photo were at Berkley for a visit. Lucky them. There’s no antidote for the poison they’ve injected into the minds of our youth. And they know it. You can’t un-ring a bell.

 Campus Reform  Feb 20, 2014

        “A group of elementary and middle school students touring University of California – Berkeley last week were exposed to a man in a giant penis costume and school-sponsored sex games.
“All day long, little kids were prancing by the dental dam demonstrations, sex-themed games of chance, and the guy in the penis suit,” student Claire Chiara said in an interview with Campus Reform Thursday.
The children were led through the campus quad while Berkeley students were playing “pin-the-tail on the anus” and tossing condoms through holes on a poster board meant to represent vaginas and anuses.
There was also a man dressed as a giant penis handing out condoms, although he was not permitted to hand them to the children.
The events were not spontaneous but pre-planned as part of the school’s celebration of National Condom Week.
“Every day of the week, we have kids aged 6-18 touring our school, which is fantastic — but not during the National Condom Week,” Chiara said. “It was poor planning on the part of the Tang Center to put up the Sex Ed tent in front of Sproul Hall, as that is the most popular spot on campus for tour groups to stop.”

To learn more about Cultural Marxism look at my other article here.

NGO’s picking your pockets for decades


This article was originally published by Justin Padgett at Resist 21.


Can You Imagine NGOs Promoting Socialistic Ideologies In America?


Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Most of you can recognize this as the John Lennon song and you might be asking what this has to do with Lubbock. John Lennon is singing for the abolition of private property (no possessions) in the third verse.  This is one of the bedrock principles of socialism, and is the anti-thesis of a free society, the source of our wealth and liberty.

The song indicates that with the abolition of private property, replaced by some sort of communal ownership (or perhaps the abolition of ownership), that there will be “no need for greed or hunger,” and “a brotherhood of man” will result. This works as long as the elite have their personal property or vast wealth to retire to. Many of the steering committee of the Imagine Lubbock Together project fall into this category.

Based on John Lennon’s song the Imagine groups have formed all over America with United Nations Agenda 21, aka sustainability, at the heart of the plan. Non-governmental organizations such as the US Chamber of Commerce seek out people, or useful idiots as I like to call them, who are sympathetic to these socialist ideologies. The community is told “this is simply a concept” like one of the council members says, and the plan is unique to our community! Let’s evaluate how unique this idea of Imagine Lubbock really is! Below I am linking just a handful of various communities across the country who are implementing a sustainability plan which includes most of the same ideas such as downtown renovation/redevelopment, high speed rail or monorail, mixed-use building, green building codes, beautification, round a bouts, hike and bike trails, park expansion/preservation, water and wastewater, storm drainage, economic development.

Imagine Jacksonville

Re-Imagine Garden Grove

Imagine Red Wing

Imagine Flint

Imagine Belleville

Imagine Cary

Imagine Medina

Inspire Littleton

Imagine Austin

Imagine Downtown Colorado Springs

Imagine Grain Valley

Plan Phoenix

Cleveland Sustainability

Imagine Charleston

Imagine Downtown San Diego

Imagine Downtown Atlanta

Imagine Brownsville

Vision for Redwood

I could continue listing a hundred plus other cities. Try doing a google search for “imagine” and “comprehensive plan” and “sustainability”. You will get 400,000 plus results.

The goal of these organizations is to form funding mechanisms that are not fair and equitable to the tax payer. It creates an uneven playing field for the developers and home builders who pay their way by providing services such as wastewater, water, etc. Those costs are absorbed by those developers. In redevelopment, many developers, such as our master planner/developer, get TIF money to work with which the public typically does not see any benefit for 20-30 years. Most of these developers get the basic services and infrastructure provided to them through financing mechanisms paid for by tax payers such as grants (again state, local, or federal moneys). In Lubbock, ten percent of the oil revenue goes to the general fund. Out of the remaining 90 percent one quarter of that oil revenue is dedicated strictly to downtown. The remaining ¾ of the oil revenue is dedicated to the NELCDC which is defined by 34th and University moving Northeast of the city geographically. This being said, theoretically the downtown development could receive 90 percent of the total oil revenue of Lubbock. Former mayor, David Langston has stated that his main goal in working with the Northeast project is to accomplish the goals of Imagine Lubbock Together and downtown. By a resolution the city council has unconstitutionally stolen that deed/right from you and diverted the moneys to favored areas for favored developers. This is redistribution and cronyism at its best. These royalty revenues belong to all of the people of Lubbock and should be used to either pay down the debt, go into the general fund, or use to provide more services that benefit all.

How unique do you really think Imagine Lubbock Together really is after you have seen how wide-spread this ideology has developed in every community in our nation? They all have the same sound bites, software, message, facilitators, motivated, wealth-seeking developers, who will bring this country to its knees in favor of a socialist style of living all in the name of community rights which do not exist in our Constitution! Wake up Lubbock! What the mayor and city council and various non-governmental committees are presenting as simply downtown development is in fact a United Nations pattern. By implementing HUD, EPA, DOT, AND DOE principles and guidelines in the form of grants, Lubbock will soon become a federal center with all the regulations which accompany it. Enough evidence has been presented by an ever growing public awareness of sustainability and its insidious nature that the tin foil hats have come off. It is time to rally the troops and fight!!!

By Justin Padgett

Inspired by all the freedom fighters in the United States.

[ If you are in the West Texas area join the freedom fighters of the South Plains Advocates for Freedom


The Globalization of California


Globalization Of California Forum Trailer from Freedom Advocates on Vimeo.

The globalization of your neighborhood is happening, and the same thing is happening to every neighborhood, all across the world. We’re all just going to be living in one big happy communitarian prison. If you are in the San Francisco California area on Saturday May 3rd, check this seminar out. Great speakers, lots of info that applies universally, not just in California. As goes California, so goes the nation.

More info here From their website

Stop Regional Government!

In meetings across California, unelected and unaccountable regulators are setting up networks of regional government that are usurping local control from you and your duly elected city, county, community and other local officials. These regional bodies are not acting in the “public good” but are reinventing a government that strips property rights away from legitimate property owners and instead gives them to a chosen few under the auspices of programs such as “sustainable development”,  “smart growth” and “public-private partnerships.”Are you a property owner? Do you value local control of your communities by your duly elected officials? If so, then the time to act is NOW!

If you can not make it to this, google the names of the speakers. Videos of their information are all over the web and I have had most of them as guests on my radio show so search their names on my site and you can listen to what they have to say.


Here come the hordes


        The USA has been invaded by millions of illegal aliens from the 3rd world and many organizations are paid to bring in many more 3rd world aliens which they label as refugees.   I doubt many people know anything about this “refugee” scam.   Refugee Resettlement Watch has been sounding the alarm and exposing this scam for a long time. You can find out all about the towns in America who’ve been blessed by hordes of 3rd world aliens and the joys the native citizenry of these towns experience by looking here.

      In Wyoming, one man has decided to speak up and speak out against this scam.   Frank Jorge recently discovered the Governor of Wyoming, along with the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) were secretly plotting to bring  hundreds of  “refugees” from the Congo into Wyoming. The town they plan to burden with these refugees has yet to be disclosed.  LIRS claims it pays to support these 3rd world aliens until they get settled. But in reality, the taxpayers are footing the bill for this scam.

“Refugee resettlement …once the calling of true sacrificial charity and the work of private sponsors who invested their own resources. Today, it is the work of federal contractors who have no responsibility a mere 3-4 months after the refugee has arrived.  [ In other words, they could care less. Like the old tuna commercial, "Sorry Charlie".]

Traditional sponsor duties have been replaced by access to all forms of welfare upon arrival   [ That's your tax money] for refugees and an opaque stream of grant money from seemingly every government agency except NASA.   [Think our government will give you grant money if you are just a hard working stiff and not one of these "special" people who upon arrival here now become one of the "protected classes" who get "special rights"?]

.In recent years up to 95 percent of the refugees coming to the U.S. were referred by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees or were the relatives of U.N.-picked refugees… [The UN picks who gets to come into OUR country. How do you like that? Oops,  I forgot we're all "global" citizens now. They are erasing borders as I write.  Borders are unjust, as is enforcement of immigration laws. It really is all part of UN Agenda 21, where they redistribute our wealth and opportunity for prosperity out of our country, while simultaneously bringing 3rd world aliens into our country so they can redistribute our wealth to them here.  As Dr. Taylor Haynes, a guest on Frank Jorge's radio show stated,  "we cannot solve these 12th century people's problems by having them become a problem for us". ]

The GAO report… critical of refugee contractors and how they place refugees in local communities across the U.S., noting of the resettlement contractors “few agencies we visited consulted relevant local stakeholders, which posed challenges for service providers.” The report found that “… most public entities such as public schools and health departments generally said that agencies notified them of the number of refugees expected to arrive in the coming year, but did not consult them regarding the number of refugees they could serve…” [In other words, they just drop them off and say - see ya. They never ask the people in the community if they want hundreds of 3rd world aliens dropped in their midst who will then be living off their hard earned tax dollars.]

Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains, the affiliate proposed for Wyoming [to brings hordes of Congolese into Wyoming] …takes this penchant for operating in secret to the max. According to notes from a February 2014 board of directors meeting the process of selecting resettlement sites in Wyoming has been “complicated by both the state and a private citizen advocate providing media availability to a local paper. Media coverage at this stage is potentially damaging to the success of the overall process…” [They want to keep their plans hidden until it's too late to stop them. How nice. How Christian of them. They hide what they are doing because they know no town wants these refugees anymore than Americans want the 40 - 50 million illegal alien invaders who now reside  in our country. (The 11 million figure quoted for at least 12 years is a BIG lie.)]

… a federal study of refugees …in the country 5 years or less, the unemployment rate for refugees was 21 percent compared with 9 percent for the U.S. population in 2010. [ Do we really need more unskilled, non-English speaking laborers taking unskilled jobs away from our citizens?]   Twenty-six percent… dependent on cash assistance, 63 percent …the food stamp program… 48 percent were on Medicaid or short-term federal Refugee Medical Assistance. The federal welfare program SSI is a good indicator of long-term welfare dependency rates. It is generally a lifetime entitlement,…usually includes Medicaid and other social services. The federal study of arrivals over the previous five years found an 11.6 percent rate of usage – about 2.5 times the national average. [Did you note that? These refugees get Social Security Disability (SSI) which they NEVER paid into. Pissed off yet?  If you are not, you are not paying attention.]

Most of this cost is borne by the federal taxpayer, but programs such as Medicaid have state cost components as well.

There is even secrecy in the meaning of official language used in the program.  [In other words they will use Orwellian "doublespeak" aka lies to dupe you.]   For instance, it will be claimed – and the media will report – that refugees are “self-sufficient” in some amazingly short period of time. But as officially defined, refugees are considered “self-sufficient” even if they are living in public housing, receiving Medicaid and Food Stamps.  [Last time I checked taxpayer funded public housing, taxpayer funded healthcare and taxpayer funded food wasn't "self-sufficient".]  They can receive cash assistance from local, state and federal sources, such as SSI. Only TANF disqualifies one from being “self-sufficient.” [How much more of this BS are you, the American citizen willing to put up with? It's YOUR country these commies are destroying and once it's gone ( and some say we're already too late) it ain't comin' back.]

Then there is the money racket. …the 2012 GAO report, “local affiliate funding is based on the number of refugees they serve, so affiliates have an incentive to maintain or increase the number of refugees they resettle each year rather than allowing the number to decrease.” [Get that? The more 3rd world aliens they drop in your neighborhood, the more cash they line their pockets with.]  

Refugee resettlement is very profitable for the non-profits. [ Here's a hint, non-profit only means they don't pay taxes, it doesn't mean they don't make money. ]

At the point of his recent retirement the CEO of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, another resettlement affiliate…, was making $441,767 a year in salary and benefits – almost all taxpayer-supplied. [What a racket they have going.]

Here’s the link to the original article.

    Frank created a website which addresses this issue in Wyoming (look here) and he purchased ads on a local radio station to alert his fellow Wyomingites, who also have no idea what their governor is planning.  If it is such a good idea to bring these 3rd world aliens from the Congo into Wyoming, why isn’t it front page news? Good question isn’t it?


Guest Post North Port Corruption


****Guest Post by Nestor****

North Port Corruption abounds. The following  post describes how deep the corruption in North Port goes.

       “When North Port was incorporated General Development Corporation (GDC) employees even made up the first City Council.

Click here: General Development Corporation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 MORE CORRUPTION IN NORTH PORT Florida | Sarasota Crooked Lawyers

        The City of North Port was created with only 10 days residency (instead of 6 months) and vote by General Development Corporation employees in 1959. These employees were brought to houses newly constructed by GDC. They were moved into them so they could vote the City into existence.

fraud legal definition of fraud. fraud synonyms by the Free Online Law Dictionary.

          Fraud must be proved by showing that the defendant’s actions involved five separate elements: (1) a false statement of a material fact,(2) knowledge on the part of the defendant that the statement is untrue, (3) intent on the part of the defendant to deceive the alleged victim, (4) justifiable reliance by the alleged victim on the statement, and (5) injury to the alleged victim as a result.

City of North Port Destroys Families

         The City of North Port was created with only 10 days residency (instead of 6 months) and vote by General Development Corporation employees in 1959. These employees were brought to houses newly constructed by GDC. They were moved into them so they could vote the City into existence.

Why the urgency to create a MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, the City of North Port?

Well there was now a government controlled by the parent corporation which could collect money for roads, could look the other way on inspections and could RE-ZONE LAND!

GDC was originally Chemical Research Corporation in 1952. What chemicals were they researching and where were they disposed of?   

                HERON CREEK


Heron Creek Landfill to Country Club Part 1

Heron Creek Landfill to Country Club Part 2

Heron Creek Landfill to Country Club Part 3″

                                  by     **NESTOR**


north port florida


No wood for you…or your wood burning stove


         How much wood could  a wood chuck chuck, if a wood chuck, could chuck wood? He could chuck a lot more than humans in this country will be allowed to chuck, or rather burn. Wood out. Groveling at the feet of your master in.  Wood burning stoves are being banned.

       Why would the commies want to deny you the right to keep warm? Control. They want control of all people, all property, all everything. They want to drive you off your land and into cities aka green ghettos where they can monitor your every move.  So, what better way to do that than to deny you the right to keep yourself warm? Can’t live in a place where you can’t keep yourself warm, at least not for very long. Eventually the body temperature decreases and you will succumb to hypothermia. In others words, you’ll be dead.

          Remember, wood is a renewable resource. But it really isn’t about saving the planet as the green commies claim, it’s about control.

The EPA has decreed the following:

 “…The Environmental Protection Agency recently imposed restrictions on wood-burning stoves that will deal a blow to rural Americans who rely on wood to heat their homes…The EPA restrictions would ban the production and sale of the kinds of wood-burning stoves that compose 80 percent of those currently in use in the United States…

…The number of households heating with wood grew 34 percent from 2000 to 2010, with 2.4 million homes, or 2.1 percent of U.S. housing units, using wood as their primary heating source, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Nearly 10 million additional homes use wood to supplement their primary heat source, the U.S. Energy Information Administration disclosed…

 …Sue-and-settle suits are filed by environmentalists as a means of winning “consent decrees” that are parlayed into regulations the environmentalist groups wanted in the first place…

…”This is but another example of the EPA and other government agencies working with activist environmental groups to sue and settle on claims that afford leverage to enact new regulations which they lack statutory authority to otherwise accomplish,”…William Yeatman, a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Newsmax: “EPA engages in sweetheart litigation in order to cede its regulatory initiative to green special interests like the Sierra Club…

…The EPA “has targeted oil, gas, coal, and nuclear with needless regulations,” Yeatman said. “Now the agency is going after wood — a biofuel.”…

“The Alaska Division of Environment Conservation has proposed stricter regulations for our area,” including restrictions on “wintertime outdoor open burning” in certain areas…

The state agency also set tight limits on particulate emission levels for new wood-fired heating devices and put local air quality agents in charge of declaring “air quality episodes and advisories,” with power “to take immediate action — voluntary and/or mandatory shutdowns of solid fuel-burning devices,”…

(read the entire article here) 

          The “local air quality agents” aka wood commies, who are unelected bureaucrats have been given power “to take immediate action” and they are on on the march… can you hear the sound of their boots as they hit the ground? I can.  Listen here.

       Now many of you are probably thinking to yourself, what do I care I heat my abode with gas or oil; it doesn’t affect me - so who cares.  Well, my dear fool, you will be next. Now, if you are reading this and you live in the good ol’ USA, you may recall the “president” of the USA ,way back in 2008 stating the following:

“…We can’t drive our SUVs and, you know, eat as much as we want and keep our homes on, you know, 72 degrees at all times, whether we’re living in the desert or we’re living in the tundra, and then just expect every other country is going to say OK, you know, you guys go ahead keep on using 25 percent of the world’s energy, even though you only account for 3 percent of the population, and we’ll be fine. Don’t worry about us…”

       Social justice, which is talked about ad nauseam, is the equalization of misery for all the world’s serfs except of course, the handful of people who control us. Eliminating a fuel source is a great way to enforce their so-called social justice which is really just – equalizing the misery.

       Man has been burning wood since he discovered fire. But not for long.  Calling your senator or congressman is as useful as spitting in the wind. They all work for the moneychangers. They sold you down the river many cords of wood ago.

    Oh, and by the way, they are after your water too.


Let’s Give Riverton Wyoming to the Indians


        The EPA land grab is happening all around us.  Imagine one morning you wake up  and you find out the EPA has decided to give your town to the local Indian tribe. That’s right, they just gave away your property to the Indians.  That’s what  happened to the citizens of the town of Riverton Wyoming and other areas.  Their property is now part of and belongs to the Wind River Indian Reservation. Someone will be on the warpath. Who will it be?  Will the landowners of Riverton fight back? Will they be brow-beaten by the commies and called names like racist, hater etc. if they do? Should they just roll over and say, oh well? I think not. Now more than ever it is imperative that the American citizenry stand up for themselves. The ” battle lines” so-to-speak, have been drawn. The Indians all know which group they belong to. Which group do the citizenry of Riverton belong to?

  Who is behind this agenda?  I am not referring to the EPA. Who is their puppet master? Who do these useful idiots answer to? The answer is out there. All one needs to do is to follow the money.  All roads lead to the same group. All roads.

     Read more about this decision here:

     Listen to a very informative discussion about this issue here.
They mention many  topics which would seem unrelated to Riverton, but they are not: Clean Air Act, Super Funds and Salamanca NY.

Update 2-14



Regionalism what it really means


          Regionalism means, in the words of David Rusk written in his publication entitled “Upstate NY A House Divided…” (1), the “little box voices” (meaning you and your local elected officials) must be silenced so that unelected regional bureaucrats – the “big box voices” – can dictate what happens in your local area. Note the word unelected.  If you disagree with what is happening around your area, you will have no ability to do anything about it.  There will be no “elected” official that can be “fired” at the ballot box. Regionalism silences you.

         The following excerpts are from a book written in 1973 entitled Beware Metro and Regional Government  by Phoebe Courtney which can be read in its entirety  here.  It is a well written expose on metro and regional government. Few people understand what is meant by regionalism. In a nutshell it means the elimination of your voice in what is happening in your village, town, county, state and eventually your entire country by eliminating your local elected officials.  The largest regional area they are creating is a one world government with the UN at the helm. Think that isn’t true? Think again. How much say do the citizens of the nations that are members of the European Union have in anything the EU heads want to do?

 Here is an excerpt from this book:

Beware Metro and Regional Government



…THE DAN SMOOT REPORT of February, 1, 1965, stated:

“Advocates of governmental planning have visions of a new kind of America: they would transform our union of sovereign States into a regionally-planned, monolithically-unified nation divided into a score of metropolitan areas which sprawl across State boundary lines.”

Only four years were to elapse before President Nixon on May 21, 1969, proclaimed that the United States was now ten divided into ten regions (as listed in Chapter I).

In that same REPORT, Smoot also predicted:

“Each area will be ruled, at the ‘local level’, by only one governmental authority: a metropolitan government. Existing governments—city, county and State—will eventually be abolished.”

In COUNT DOWN Newsletter of March 1973, Virginia R. Wilson, Editor and Publisher, had this to say:

“To understand Regional Government, it is necessary to know, what Metropolitan Government (Metro) involves, because Metro and Regional Government are the same: government of an area or region by a central body of appointed officials who have unlimited and unconstitutional power. Promoters of regional government claim it is a new form of government, but it is the oldest form in history—dictatorship.”


“Metro is the governing of an area or region by a central body of ‘experts’—planners who are usually appointed and vested with great powers, and who are not directly accountable to the people.

“The purpose is to place all power in the hands of the federal government and to turn State, county, and city governments into administrative cogs [Councils of Government] in one big bureaucratic machine.”…

…Metro, therefore, is the accumulation of power in as few hands as possible—federally appointed, unelected bureaucrats beyond the recall of the electorate.

In his book, “The Invisible Government”, Dan Smoot warned:

“Metropolitan government would eliminate the individual States as meaningful political entities, would divide the nation into metropolitan regions sprawling across State lines, and would place the management of these regional governments in the hands of appointed experts answerable not to local citizens but to the supreme political power in Washington.”…

…In order to facilitate the injection of collectivist ideas into various governmental bodies through the nation, the Spelman Fund of New York was created on December 27, 1928, with a capital of $10 million provided by the Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial.

The Spelman Fund Annual Report of 1947-1948 stated that:

“Grants totaling $3 million were later made to the Fund by the Rockefeller Foundation… The Spelman Fund assumed as its major responsibility an exploration of the possibilities of cooperation with public bodies for the improvement of public administration.”

It should be remembered that when the Leftist-oriented Rockefeller Foundation speaks of the “improvement of public administration”, what it actually means is the furtherance of their over-all plan for control of local representative government.

But, to mount such a gigantic project — the virtual tearing asunder of the safeguards provided the people by the U. S. Constitution — required that a headquarters be provided.

And, of course, it WAS provided.


The 1947-1948 Annual Report of the tax-exempt Laura Spelman Rockefeller Fund revealed:

“In 1938, a new building at 1313 East Sixtieth Street, Chicago (constructed under grants from the Spelman Fund) was completed to provide adequate quarters… for the use and occupancy of the national governmental organizations. This building has come to be known as ’1313′…

…”Government by appointees is basic Metro strategy. Appointeeship is vital to 1313′s tyrannical purpose, because citizens cannot vote appointees out of office, regardless of scandals, misuse of public funds, or the blatant stupidity of the appointees.”…


REGIONAL REVIEW QUARTERLY of January 1971 reported that the typical budget of a regional council is between $100,000 and $200,000. Councils receive their funds from four sources: federal, State and local government — and tax-free foundations.

On the average, regional councils (or councils of governments) receive 60 per cent of their funds from federal grants for functional planning (i.e., land use, transportation, housing, etc.) Local communities provide about 34 per cent of a council’s funds, and about 15 State governments provide general-support funds to the COGs. About one per cent of funds channeled direct to the regional councils comes from tax-exempt foundations.

All in all, as of 1971, this adds up to a whopping $80 to $100 million a year — for the purpose of destroying representative government in the United States….


Amendment V of the U.S. Constitution spells out: “No person shall… be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”.

Thus government has the power to take private property for “public use” if “just compensation” is given. Known as the principle of “eminent domain”, it was intended only for such public facilities as roads, public schools, parks, sewers, etc.

However, a Supreme Court ruling in 1954 permitted the seizure of private property for private use.

This assault on property-owning citizens is called urban renewal.

For years the American people have been propagandized to the effect that urban renewal means slum clearance, and thus a deterrent to crime. But the fact is that slums do not breed crime and delinquency. Delinquency and crime breed slums.

An article in the November 21, 1970 issue of HUMAN EVENTS cited a report by the General Accounting Office which demonstrated conclusively that urban renewal has been a multi-billion-dollar hoax, enriching a few speculators at the expense of low- and middle-income residents. The report showed that tens of thousands of people have lost their homes and that the urban renewal program contributes to the spread of slums.

In this connection, Congressman Paul A. Fino, on February 21, 1967, declared:

“But can HUD force the suburbs of big cities to be part of a metropolitan scheme? The answer is “yes”.

“Under Title II of the omnibus cities bill of 1966 — the metro title — all applications for federal aid under ten programs such as sewers, construction of hospitals, highways, libraries, airports, etc., must soon be submitted to a metropolitan-wide planning body — metro government — for recommendation before they are forwarded to Washington. The metro government to which the applications must be submitted must be a joint planning body for the central city and suburbs.”

As a result, big-city, urban-renewal projects are being integrated with the suburbs, forcing “scattered-site” public housing upon quiet, formerly pleasant, suburban communities…

     The plan to destroy what many Americans knew as America has been happening for decades.  The wheels have been turning  to take down America and instill a dictatorship for a very long time.  The final region is a one world government headed by the UN.

(1) read it here RuskBigBoxGovtNY 


Goals 2050 forced city living


      They have goals they are striving to reach. For example, their goal is to have 85% of the world’s population living in a city by 2050 with a population density equal to living in a sardine can. Think about that. 85% of the people on the planet will be packed like a sardine in a city. So you say to yourself, I’m not moving; I don’t care what they say; I hate cities. They can’t force me to go where I don’t want to be. Yes, they can and they are by gradually manipulating circumstances which will coerce you into the city. And here’s how they are subtly, at times almost imperceptibly eliminating  your options, one by one.

       One of the biggest factors and easiest ways to manipulate people is to crash the economy which eventually forces people to be at the mercy of the government.  Oliver Twist said, “Please sir, more porridge”. Crashing economies worldwide has thrown millions of people into the poor house, who now find themselves rummaging through garbage cans for a crust of bread. Just look at Greece to see what is on the horizon for America et al. The moneychangers who have the power to print money out of thin air, utilizing their bought and paid for useful idiots can and will do whatever they please.

      Here is just a sample of some of the tactics they employ:

  • Telling you that you can no longer do what you want on any of your property that lies within 300 feet of the border of a creek or stream that runs near your property,

  • Or the occasional puddle that forms after it rains is now classified as a wetland and you must now comply with all the wetland requirements,

  • Or the EPA will ban most wood stoves

  • Or they will force you to have your septic system checked every 6 months to make sure it is up to the standard and the standard will be changed so that every six months your septic system will no longer meet the standard and that will cost you thousands to correct,

  • Or they will ban septic systems 

  • Or you live in the desert and they will begin to use the  “nuisance abatement team” NAT (with you being the nuisance) to cite you with all kinds of “code” violations like:

  • Or having a broom on your front porch,

  • Or  your bushes are too high,

  • Or you have a motor home on your property,

  • Or you have two cars in your driveway  and only one belongs to the person whose name is on the deed to the property, the other is your son’s car who just happens to live with you,

  • Or they will simply tell you to get off your property. They’ll tell you that you can own it, but not live on it,

  • Or the county you live in will decide to no longer pave most of the roads in your county  and eventually they’ll be just rutty dirt roads which will devalue your property (who wants to buy a property inaccessible to them?),

  • Or they will create arbitrary Urban Growth Boundaries  which will prevent you from developing or selling off or using any of your land the way you desire,

  • Or they will add HOT lanes so it makes it much costlier to travel on a road if you don’t have the required number of passengers in your vehicle,

  • Or they will use traffic calming techniques to make your commute miserable and longer so you’ll say, I think I’ll move closer to work,

  •   Or they’ll ticket you for washing your car in your own driveway,

  • Or they’ll claim that highways were racist and unjust because White people left the cities and went to live in the suburbs so they will begin to force people back into the cities using restrictive zoning ordinances, punitive code violation fines including liens, and seizure to rob people of the peaceful enjoyment of their property.

      Their goal is to eliminate people living in suburbia ( except for them) and to create an urban hell for all.  And they’ll even ban cars to prevent your escape…



UN Agenda 21 goal: Abolish Private Property


Part of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 is the abolition of private property. Confiscation of private property will be done under the guise of “sustainability.” They’ll argue that having a large plot of land is an inefficient use of the land, and that your land would be better used if it were developed into something else.

Perhaps they’d prefer that a mass transit rail run right through your property. So they’d take your property over through eminent domain, forcing your out of your own house and off your property to somewhere else where they have much more dense housing, and use the land that was previously yours as they saw fit.

These types of tyrannical gestures are being implemented around our country at the local level. In California, there is a law that’s awaiting Governor Brown’s signature that would institute an agency at the county level that could seize private property basically on a whim and using “sustainability” as the excuse.

Writing for the San Rafael Patch, Richard Hall sums up SB 1 here:

  • A city mayor or county supervisor forms a new joint powers authority called a “Sustainable Communities Investment Authority” (SCIA), they appoint elected officials to serve on the SCIAs board.
  • If you live within 1/2 mile of a bus that runs every 15 minutes during peak commutes, or the SMART train or Caltrain in a single family home neighborhood your neighborhood can be targeted by the SCIA as inefficient land use and “blighted” as it is not high density multi-family housing. Almost everyone reading this in Marin (apart from some Steve Kinsey constituents in Western Marin) is therefore affected – I have seen the map with these 1/2 mile radiuses and it covers almost all Marinites.
  • The SCIA can then wield the power of eminent domain to purchase unused, for sale or even occupied land in order to build high-density multi-family housing – that it deems to be efficient land use.
  • The SCIA can then impose local taxes on us to pay not just for the eminent domain purchases but to help the land developer build by subsidizing the building of high density housing.
  • In order to meet criteria in SB1 allowing imposition of local taxes the SCIA must impose “a sustainable parking standards ordinance that restricts parking in transit priority project areas to encourage transit use to the greatest extent feasible.” Yes you read that right, “to the greatest extent feasible.” This could mean anything from reducing available parking, to introducing parking permits and parking meters.

This is, of course, nothing less than communism. They just don’t call it communism. They call it “social justice.”

Agenda 21: California Law Would Abolish Private Property


        Private property rights are under attack all across this nation and across the globe.  The abolition of private property is one of the tenets of UN Agenda 21.  Why? They deem private property ownership ( except for them) “unjust”.

The U.N. Conference on Human Settlements states:

“Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth and therefore contributes to social injustice…The provision of decent dwellings and healthy conditions for the people can only be achieved if land is used in the interest of society as a whole.”

    The Western World has thrived because we had laws which protected our property rights. (1)      Most nations around the globe lack those protections which is one of the reasons why they’ve never been able to raise themselves out of squalor.  They lack laws which protects their property rights.

“Property rights initiate the rule of law… what makes people interested in the rule of law, the first thing that they understand… is that everybody on this earth lives on a plot of land.” – Hernando De Soto, Economist (Peru)

         Our prosperity must be equalized with and redistributed to third world nations. The people pushing UN Agenda 21 have no interest in raising the standard of living for all nations; their goal is to abolish all “first” world standards (except for them, of course) and to create a sea of serfs scrounging around for a grain of rice.

Agenda 21: California Law Would Abolish Private Property
The Last Resistance 1-15-14

“Part of the United Nations’ Agenda 21 is the abolition of private property. Confiscation of private property will be done under the guise of “sustainability.” They’ll argue that having a large plot of land is an inefficient use of the land, and that your land would be better used if it were developed into something else. [ Or not developed at all.]

Perhaps they’d prefer that a mass transit [light] rail run right through your property. So they’d take your property over through eminent domain, forcing your out of your own house and off your property to somewhere else where they have much more dense housing, and use the land that was previously yours as they saw fit. [Here are some of the lies being told to to Floridians about "light rail".]

These types of tyrannical gestures are being implemented around our country at the local level. In California, there is a law that’s awaiting Governor Brown’s signature that would institute an agency at the county level that could seize private property basically on a whim and using “sustainability” as the excuse.

Writing for the San Rafael Patch, Richard Hall sums up SB 1 here:

  • A city mayor or county supervisor forms a new joint powers authority called a “Sustainable Communities Investment Authority” (SCIA), they appoint elected officials to serve on the SCIAs board.

  • If you live within 1/2 mile of a bus that runs every 15 minutes during peak commutes, or the SMART train or Caltrain in a single family home neighborhood your neighborhood can be targeted by the SCIA as inefficient land use and “blighted” as it is not high density multi-family housing. Almost everyone reading this in Marin (apart from some Steve Kinsey constituents in Western Marin) is therefore affected – I have seen the map with these 1/2 mile radiuses and it covers almost all Marinites.

  • The SCIA can then wield the power of eminent domain to purchase unused, for sale or even occupied land in order to build high-density multi-family housing – that it deems to be efficient land use.

  • The SCIA can then impose local taxes on us to pay not just for the eminent domain purchases but to help the land developer build by subsidizing the building of high density housing.

  • In order to meet criteria in SB1 allowing imposition of local taxes the SCIA must impose “a sustainable parking standards ordinance that restricts parking in transit priority project areas to encourage transit use to the greatest extent feasible.” Yes you read that right, “to the greatest extent feasible.” This could mean anything from reducing available parking, to introducing parking permits and parking meters.

This is, of course, nothing less than communism. They just don’t call it communism.  They disguise what they are doing by calling it “social justice.”

       The following short video is an excerpt of a visioning meeting (visioning meetings are happening in your area too) held in the San Francisco Bay area.  They pretend they want public input regarding the pending “One Bay Area” Regional Plan. Each area in the nation has a regional plan. You will also find contained within your regional plan the exact concepts as the ones discussed in the video. Take particular note around the 4:50 mark where the speaker makes the following claim:  “the more we constrain development the lower property values get propagated”.  Wrong!  This is moron speak. The idiot claims if less property is available to be developed, this will decrease the cost of property which is exactly the opposite of what happens under the law of supply and demand: The less you have of something – the more it costs. Period.

      If you  would like to see this in action look no further than Portland, Oregon’s cost of housing. They have placed an arbitrary “urban growth boundary” around their city which limits development only to within this boundary and development only as they deem appropriate.  As a direct consequence of this, the property within the boundary costs about $100,000 an acre and outside the boundary about $5000, however you are not allowed to develop your property outside the boundary. They want  your property to be left as open space. In other words, they have denied you the right to use your property to generate wealth. Look here.

        I interviewed a man from the organization Oregonians in Action who explained how this works in the real world. Listen here.  This IS happening where you live too.


1. For more information on property and wealth generation read,  The Mystery of Capital Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else

Truthfulness compels me to…War is a racket


          General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC  said “Truthfulness compels me to” in a speech about war which he gave in 1933. (Gen. Butler was the most highly decorated military man up until to WWII)  He knew all too well who wars were really fought for and for what purpose.  The truth about what is really going on and who is behind all of it eludes most except those with a keen eye for such things. The following is an excerpt from that speech.

              “…War is just a racket. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of people. Only a small inside group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the masses.

          I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we’ll fight. The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.

             I wouldn’t go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights. War for any other reason is simply a racket.

           There isn’t a trick in the racketeering bag that the military gang is blind to. It has its “finger men” to point out enemies, its “muscle men” to destroy enemies, its “brain men” to plan war preparations, and a “Big Boss” Super-Nationalistic-Capitalism.

           It may seem odd for me, a military man to adopt such a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to. I spent thirty- three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle- man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

             I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

            I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912 (where have I heard that name before?). I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

             During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents…”

           Has anything changed since 1933? Nothing except perhaps the ignorance of Americans has increased, the number of maimed and dead bodies globally has exponentially increased, nations have been destroyed, millions more families ruined, children made orphans and no one but those whom wars are fought for benefit.

          We have a handful of bankers destroying nations via their economic wars.  Take the time to watch this video about  our wars from the book Confessions Of An Economic Hit-man…

Want to read Gen. Butler’s book? Go here:

 Proxy wars. Have you ever heard of them?  Listen carefully to this interview about “terrorism through proxy”.

Who funds these mercenary soldiers masquerading as civilians? Who ultimately benefits? Well certainly not the Syrians.   The IMF and World Bank: Two major levers of US  international banker’s economic hegemony

       All roads lead to the same place…world hegemony by a cabal of international money changers  who through their ultimate control of money set the stage for the implementation of UN Agenda 21 – hell on earth.





Code Enforcement–A Revenue Scam


           What kind of stuff does code enforcement do?  Take your money, destroy your life savings (if you have any), destroy the “peaceful enjoyment” of your private property, drive you into the poor house, take your property and destroy your health. On and on it goes and where does it end…it doesn’t.  The town, the developers and the attorneys all work together to pick your pockets. Why? Because the master plan aka UN Agenda 21 dictates that owning private property must be abolished. Of course, except for the handful of people who rule over us. Oh yes, they have many minions shills working for them (some see the big picture, some don’t), but they are just useful idiots and will be discarded eliminated when they are no longer useful. This plan would never get to first base if there was not a cabal controlling the money   who were able to bribe politicians to create laws that benefit their agenda.

      So, what kinds of code violations are people cited for? Anything from A-Z such as: boats that don’t even belong to you, harboring insects, flying flags, brooms left on your front-porch,  your grass is one inch too tall, having a permitted trailer in your driveway,  having a permit that the town loses, having two cars in your driveway and one of them belongs to your son whose name is not on the property deed, and on and on. Watch these videos made by Christine Marfut who resides in Florida. The issues described in these videos are happening all across this nation.  Code enforcement in Longboat Key and North Port, Florida are two areas mentioned. I had several people on my radio show talking about what happened to them. For other posts and podcasts related to code search the term Faceoff on this website.

Here is the link to Christine Marfut’s you tube channel. Watch the short videos she has posted.  America we’ve got a problem.


Public Private Partnerships aka P3


         It is important to understand how Public Private Partnerships (PPP , P3) operate and what they mean for America, as well as other nations.

Public refers to government- all levels of government including the UN and foreign governments.

Private refers to Multinational Corporations ex. GE, Foundations ex. Rockefeller,  Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) ex. Sierra Club, Universities,  and Associations such as AAA.

Partnership means they combine together and their bottom line goal is to take control of government assets.  The government assets belong to you, the taxpayer.

The late Joan Veon knew all about PPP’s and created 2 short videos which explain exactly what PPP’s do.

 “The players with the most money control the partnership.” ~Joan Veon

The following was written by Cassandra Anderson, based on an interview with Joan Veon

-Joan Veon is an author, journalist and expert on globalization; she also hosted her own radio talk show and is a successful businesswoman. In these 2 videos she explains the mechanism by which corporations gain power over all levels of government: local, county, state, federal, foreign and the United Nations, thus creating corporate fascism, on a global level.

Public- Private Partnerships are one of the most effective tools that are used by the globalists to implement Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, with the goal of destroying the structure of governments that represent the people, and puts profits and resources in the hands of those private interests.

The public part of the Public- Private Partnership (PPP) is the government, which becomes corrupted and no longer represents the taxpayers, when it accepts funding from private interests. Further, the government becomes silent against abuses to the public when they have been compromised by PPP business arrangements, and, worse yet, may also sell off resources and utilities that were owned by the taxpayers. The government does this because they are broke and more taxation is unpopular.

The private part of the PPP is often a combination of these entities: * Corporations (usually multinational) * Foundations (like Rockefeller) * Associations * Universities * Any entity with a lot of money * Non-Governmental Agencies (NGO’s). NGO’s are usually environmental agencies, like the Sierra Club and the Nature Conservancy.

The private stakeholder in the business arrangement always has profit as its goal, not service. Service was formerly the role of the representative government. The assets that once belonged to the taxpayers are then transferred to private interests, in a transfer of wealth through the assets, to private parties that seek profit at any price. Frequently, deceit, deception and distortion are used to fleece the taxpayer into this ‘solution’ for governments that are broke.

American local, county, state and the federal governments have gone broke and are ripe for the sale of their assets to PPP’s because of deficit spending, and a lack of economic common sense. John Maynard Keynes promoted deficit spending to Roosevelt as a way to escape the Depression. This results in diluted government and loss of power.

Ms. Veon reports that the only way to combat this is: * being alert and recognizing this scam * understanding the structure and intent of the PPP * taking action by exposing the PPP deceit at government meetings…

 Joan Veon’s website:

Watch Part 1

Watch Part 2

        Michael Shaw from Freedom Advocates has an excellent article on his website which explains Non Governmental Organizations which are mentioned in the videos.

  Go here to read “Abusing the System Through NGOs and CSOs”


North American Union and PPP video by Joan Veon 40 min (great to give to your legislature).