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Tuesday September 11th Heather Gass And the fight goes on…

Tuesday September 11th Heather Gass joins me again to discuss the crazies. They are out in force, multiplying like rabbits. Smart cities, I call green ghettos was one topic we discussed. The FBI questioning a 16 year old who made a … Continue reading

Monday September 10th Frank Jorge Illegal ain’t illegal no mor’!

Monday September 10th Frank Jorge freedom fighter and former minuteman chimes in with his “solicited”  opinion. We’ve all got one. What’s yours?

Thursday September 6th John Kotmair& Mike Nixson Silenced “free” speech…

Thursday September 6th  John Kotmair and Mike Nixson from Save-A-Patriot Fellowship joins me to discuss his battle with our Government. His fellowship is Save-A-Patriot This is the website for the book John wrote.  A judge placed a gag order on him to prevent … Continue reading

Tuesday September 4th Smart meter push back

Tuesday September 4th  Chris from Vegas joins me to discuss his fight against the smart meters being installed in his neck of the woods. Do something, don’t just sit there.

Sunday September 4th Truth is hate…

Sunday September 4th The truth is HATE to those who HATE the TRUTH. I did a little truth redistributin’. And I sang the “racist” song.

Thursday August 30th Phil Tourney Sea of lies…

Thursday August 30th Phil Tourney joins me again to talk about the USS Liberty. He and other sailors from that ship are willing to give presentations to groups so contact him@ He is the author of a book about the … Continue reading

Monday August 20th Phil Tourney The USS Liberty

Monday August 20th Phillip F Tourney joined me to discuss what happened to him on the doomed ship The USS Liberty, which was attacked by Israel in 1967 during their “six day war”. Watch the BBC documentary available on you tube entitled, … Continue reading

Wednesday August 15th Minister Derrick Grayson “Willful ignorance”

Wednesday August 15th My guest was Minister Derrick Grayson. His website is and his you tube channel where you can hear what he has to say as well is “tmotofga”. He is a truth redistributor. We are deceived by … Continue reading

Tuesday August 14th Terry Backs Whose water is it?

Tuesday August 14th  Terry Backs from was my guest. They are after the water everywhere. Listen in because the tactics here will be and are being replicated all over.

Friday August 10th Bill Reil Freedom of the press…

Friday August 10th  Bill Reil joined me to discuss freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Do you care about the loss of your freedom? Well, you should. Bill has written many documents that can be found on my website … Continue reading

Wednesday August 8th Sheriff Christopher And I say words mean?

Wednesday August 8th  Sheriff Jeff Christopher from Sussex County Delaware joins me to discuss what has happened in Delaware to the arrest authority of the Sheriff. He needs help with the costs of fighting back so if you can spare … Continue reading

Friday August 3rd Frank Szabo Sheriffs & You…

Friday August 3rd    Frank Szabo is running for Sheriff in Hillsboro County, New Hampshire. He WILL be a Constitutional Sheriff just like Sheriff Lopey and a handful of others across the nation. He will defend you from assaults on your property. … Continue reading

Thursday June 22nd Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh Empowering truth…

Thursday June 22nd hr 1 Bill Reil smart cookie and constitutional scholar castes his pearls of wisdom our way. hr 2 Dr. Paugh joins me.  

Wednesday June 20th Jamie Kelso Western Civilization and…

Wednesday June 20th Jamie Kelso member of the board of directors of the American 3rd Position joins me to discuss the platform of this emerging political party. Western Civilization is worth maintaining, I think. Perhaps many of you do, as … Continue reading

Wednesday June 13th Merlin Miller The A3P is…

Wednesday June 13th  Merlin Miller candiate for POTUS running on The American Third Position Party joins me again to discuss his screenplay, False Flag as well as his position on a variety of topics. Check out the websites below for … Continue reading