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As Tony the Tiger says, it sure sounds  “G-RR-EAT!! “

 You know, we have read glowing reports and

articles about “sustainable agriculture.” Here

are just some of the coming changes to the

new agricultural system:

1. Each community will grow its own food

through the use of individual and/or community

owned farms that form a boundary

around the community.

2. All farming will be sustainable and ecofriendly.

Organic farming will be certified

and monitored by a farm stakeholder

committee. This will ensure that food labeled

“Organic” is authentic.

3. Constant measurements will be taken to

guarantee that the sustainability and ecofriendly

parameters [BMPs (best management

practices)] are maintained.

4. Organic farming will be productive without

the use of pesticides and unnatural fertilizers.

5. Industrial farming will no longer be allowed

to damage the earth.

6. Importing foreign food products will be

reduced in order to increase local production

and thereby help the local economy.

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