Thursday Nov. 15th Andrew Peacher and Kevin Bull The earth needs rebels…

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Thursday Nov. 15th

 Have you ever heard of the UN Rights of The Child Treaty? Most people never have, many soon will.  Government agencies are stealing children all over the world under the guise of the protecting them. Andrew and Kevin talked about child stealing taking place all over the world including the UK and Ireland. Kevin works as a counselor and is familiar with the so-called mental health system.  He mentioned the philosophy for treating patients changed from- treatment before control to a philosophy of -control before treatment. In other words guilty until proven innocent.

   Here is an excerpt about a case in the UK.


I am releasing some some of the evidence into the public domain to prove under “Public Interest Law “that Linda’s 12 year old daughter was ” Illegally Kidnapped ” at gunpoint from her hospital bed in America in 1998 by agents from Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council Social Services to cover up for medical negligence in the United Kingdom.

For those of you who are maybe unfamiliar with the full story of this case please see the links at the bottom of this article.

Below is a list of Common Public Interest Factors that are relevant to Linda’s case and the offences that have been committed by Doctors,Politicians,Social Services,Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council and Judges to protect their own kind from being accountable to the law. 

By chance a couple of weeks ago entirely by accident Linda and her Mother happened to bump into their daughter/granddaughter in the locality.
Linda’s daughter is now aged 25 and by law should have been returned to her mother when she reached the age of 18 even though she should NEVER have been taken in the first place.
The response to seeing her Mother and Grandmother for the first time in many years was like a scene from a “Horror Movie.” Linda’s daughter was scared , literally terrified.
Such was the impact on Linda’s daughter when seeing her mother was that she launched into a fearful tirade,hands gesticulating “Oh No ! Oh no leave me alone.”
So what level of “Brain Washing”, control and fear have Social Services installed into this innocent victim in the 13 years that they have had her under their control ?
What have they done to the mind of a 12 year old girl who was so desperate to be returned to her family that she smuggled out to her mother the following letter. ( This is only one of many letters that were smuggled out to her family that we have in our possession. )
Click on Thumbnails below to read.

You will see in the second part of the letter that Linda’s daughter quite clearly states ” Julie Rzezniczek and the Guardian have told me I’m never coming home.”

This is interesting.
At the time of this letter from her daughter Linda had never even been into court in order to present her case and to fight to have her daughter returned to her custody.
The decision to keep the kidnapped child captive and in their care had already been made.
It is blatantly obvious that this case was going to be a state sponsored cover up from day one and still is today.
Nb.Julie Rzezniczek ( correct spelling ) was at the time the Senior Social Worker who along with Alison Paisley another Social Worker went to America armed with an “illegal and false passport” to kidnap Linda’s daughter and to return her to the UK.     fridays 7pm uk 2pm eastern

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