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Who Wants To Destroy Western Civilization? Marxists!

         Marxists are everywhere. They disguise themselves well. They like to hide within our institutions.  “I understand that you love freedom, but in our crowded world you have to pay a tax for freedom. You cannot love freedom for yourselves … Continue reading

Monday July 30th What’s your dream, baby?

Monday July 30th  What’s your dream? Got one? Ya do? Good for you. Come on in baby, the water’s fine and so is the free lunch. We’re all dreamers now.

Monday June 18th Illegal Aliens & The Big Lie

Monday June 18th  Frank Jorge former Minuteman joins me to discuss illegal immigration and amnesty for millions of Illegal Aliens. Who comes first in America the citizen or Illegal Aliens? I think citizens come first. We are supposed to be … Continue reading

Friday May 11th Troy Grice & Dr. Paugh The convergance of chaos…

Friday May 11th  Hr 1 Troy grice author of Indivisable joins me to discuss his novel of chaos created by economic collapse www.goldsteinrepublic.com  Hr 2 Dr. Paugh joins me again to discuss the latest exploitation of the American citizenry by illegal … Continue reading

Monday May 7th Heather Gass & Frank Jorge Velvet gloves and iron fists…

Monday May 7th  Hr 1 Heather Gass  freedom fighter extraordinaire and leader of The East Bay Tea Party www.theeastbayteaparty.com joins me to discuss regionalism and unelected bureaucrats making decisions for you. She mentioned a folder she takes with her to … Continue reading

Friday February 3rd Frosty Woolridge biking the numbers …

Friday February 3rd Frosty Woolridge  Frosty Woolridge joins me to discuss immigration and over-population. What’s in a number? We take some callers and take a ride on the path to the truth. www.frostywoolridge.com  

Tuesday September 27th No guest

Semptember 27th  No guest today.  Lots of callers with lots of ideas. Listen in.

Sunday August 14th The Information Corner

August 14th The Information Corner Sam and Trish invited me to be a guest on their show, “The Information Corner”.