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Is Glenn beck a communitarian con-artist?

Oh Glenn, where are your tears?         “It’s no secret that Glenn Beck is a Communitarian, and his target audience is the asleep at the wheel politically conservative Christian. Since the past several decades of Christians have been raised on … Continue reading

Wednesday November 7th Michael Shaw & Jerry Kirk Just a worn out pair of shoes…

Wednesday November 7th hr 1 Michael Shaw founder of Freedom Advocates joins me to discuss human settlements, the attack on your car and various other fun things the communitarians are implementing all over this planet. They are evil. Pure evil. … Continue reading

Monday October 22nd Kevin Eggers Communitarianism is…

Monday October 22nd Kevin Eggers who writes the occasional article joins me to discuss Communitarianism.The grand poobah of them all. This is the philosophy driving UN Agenda 21.  And UN Agenda 21 is part of the grand plan by the … Continue reading

Monday August 13th Ignorance is bliss…Communitarianism isn’t.

Monday August 13th   Communitarianism is the topic. This is the article I read from during the show  http://www.middletownca.com/LIBERAL-EQUALS-SOCIALIST.htm For more info on Communitarianism go to Niki raapana’s website http://nord.twu.net/acl/research/agenda21.html

Chick-fil-a freedom lovers speak!

Chick-fil-a video my friend Dan Haggerty recorded on Wednesday 8-1-12 at a mall in NJ. He along with Billy Baer are the hosts of the Baer-Haggerty Offense Radio Show. Their show is heard on www.wnjc1360.com every Wednesday at 3pm EST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EzSYKA62RY

February 24th Kevin Eggers The solution is the problem

February 24th Kevin Eggers  Kevin Eggers joins me to discuss Communitarianism, Regionalism aka a Soviet which consists of unelected bureaucrats making the rules, which is how the government of the Soviet Union operated, and he also talked about Senator Borah. Kevin … Continue reading

Tuesday December 13th What is the language of UN Agenda 21 really?

 December 13th I discussed the language of UN Agenda 21 and what words really mean. Pastor Chuck Baldwin also joined me to discuss his run for Lt. Governor of Montana alongside Bob Fanning. www.fanning-baldwin.com They intend to: *Stop the federal … Continue reading

Tuesday November 29th Vicki Davis Channeling the truth about “efficiency”.

November 29th Vicki Davis discusses computer systems and how that technology is used to create our green prison. We discussed economic development specialists; property rights councils, public/private partnerships, and how using technology they plan to enslave all of us using … Continue reading

Wednesday November 16th Don Casey Comprehensive planning is a Communist’s dream.

November 16th My guest was Don Casey co-founder of Keep Our Rights. He has been fighting against UN Agenda 21 for 20 years. We discussed the International Code Council, unified codes, Municipal code changes that change your home from conforming … Continue reading


The Third Way ain’t no way to live…

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Niki Raapana writes …”The Third Way agenda is simply a new way to revise the American legal system from within. Third Way founders need a shortcut in order to require more citizen responsibilities without actually going through the lengthy legal … Continue reading