Is Glenn beck a communitarian con-artist?

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Oh Glenn, where are your tears?

        “It’s no secret that Glenn Beck is a Communitarian, and his target audience is the asleep at the wheel politically conservative Christian. Since the past several decades of Christians have been raised on heavy doses of God and country (patriotism), his rhetoric all sounds copacetic. But when the trained ear recognizes that Beck is “pushing through the polarities of left and right in an effort to find a third way,[2]” his Communitarian schpeel takes on all new meaning.

Beck is promoting the “Third Way,” and he wants to use the Tea Party to help fulfill a Luciferian global agenda toward world government. Many believe that the Libertarian Party is the Communitarian front for the globalist agenda, which develops a middle ground to the Left-Right paradigm. But now it seems to be spreading to include the Tea Party – which would pave the way for the ecumenical/spiritual aspect of the New World Orders new religious faith and the future Noahide Laws.

In the following video, I’m certain there would be several who would disagree with his perspective of how political parties are viewed from the grand scheme of things, but he still makes an attempt to win his audience over into the middle ground…” read more

And what are the Noahide Laws mentioned in this article? Oh dear,  all you sheep of little faith, this is good, really good. Look here to feel the future.


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