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Managing growth of the county/local government decides which sections of the county it will deny the right to develop – “sending zone.” This includes a private land owner’s right to construct any structure on his property. Under the same program the county encourages the construction of houses on ALL available land in the “receiving zone.” In Shelby county the “core and transition” areas will likely be the “receiving zone.” If a property owner or developer purchases a TDR certificate from the private property owner in the designated no build zone (sending) he is granted by government the right to build houses on property that was previously deemed to be too small to build a house on (example 50X100 ft lot or smaller). The first set of pictures from Portland show a house that, due to government created land shortage, was sold for an inflated value of $171,000.00. The house was demolished and in its place 5 houses were built. A prime example of what is meant by “redevelopment.” “Transfer of Development Rights” is described on page 127 of Part Three — Implementation of the Shelby   INSERT YOUR COUNTY HERE County proposed Comprehensive Plan The government created land shortage in Portland is to the point that 15 foot wide houses have been constructed. (The picture above shows 4 of the 5 houses for this redevelopment project.)

Transfer of Development Rights



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