Monday September 17th Paul Fromm You are Censored!!!

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Monday September 17th

     Paul Fromm free speech activist joins me to discuss the pretend “free speech” in Canada, America and elsewhere. He has been an advocate for the victims of the anti-free speech commies. His organization has stood up for and helped to defend many victims of the so-called Human Rights Tribunal. If you go to his website     you will find a list of some of the people his organization has tried to help. These anti-free speech commies claim anyone who opposes them is a hater. It would appear to me that the only hate happening is the hate they spew towards anyone who dares to have an opposing opinion.

        We had some technical glitches for several minutes, but fortunately for us,  Shaun who is the host of Two’s Company, Three’s Allowed, just happened to be available to pitch hit for me until I could get connected to the system. That’s why they call it LIVE radio. Paul talked about censorship in Canada.

    Hear Paul on his radio show, The Fighting Side Of Me @ and read free speech thoughts

UPDATE 2-2014

    Paul Fromm is now heard weekly as a guest host on the radio show called Storm-front heard daily on Rense Radio.



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