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Thursday June 7th Paul Fromm And if we don’t speak…

Thursday June 7th Fearless freedom fighter Paul Fromm joins me again to discuss the lack of “free speech” that exists in Canada. Free speech in name only is what they have there and here too, very soon. Feel free to say … Continue reading

Wednesday April 18th Rev. Ted Pike The anti-Christian agenda

April 18th  Rev. Ted Pike joins me to discuss the anti-Christian show called,  Good Christian Bitches. Who is pushing the denigration of Christianity, who is doing nothing to stop it and why is it critical for Christians to stand up before we are enslaved? … Continue reading

Monday March 26th Rev.Ted Pike Hate crimes and “you”, well only if “you” are white and a Christian

Monday March 26th Rev.Ted Pike My guest today was Rev. Ted Pike. We discussed Biblical prophecy. Who were the Pharisees? What is the Talmud? What is the truth? Who is the focus of hate crime laws? He mentioned the Good … Continue reading