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Monday October 15th William Taylor Reil What constitution?

Monday October 15th  William Taylor Reil joined me to discuss the 14th amendment and a variety of other topics. Find his articles on my website under the tab with his name on it.

Friday October 28th William Taylor Reil

 October 28th William Taylor Reil  Bill joins me again to discuss the 1917 Trading with the Enemies Act and the 1933 amendment to that act. Who is the enemy: Oct 6, 1917, under Trading w/enemy Act, section 2, subdivision (c), Chapter … Continue reading

Friday October 14th William Taylor Reil

 October 14th William Taylor Reil My guest was William Taylor Reil and we discussed the 2nd and the 14th amendments of the Constitution as well as, Constables and Sheriffs. There is a tab on my website with his name on … Continue reading

Wednesday September 21st William Taylor Reil

Semptember 21st William Taylor Reil is my guest again. We discussed the 14th amendment and the Supreme Court.