Friday December 16th “Septic wars” anyone?

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 December 16th Dan Peterson

My guests today were:

Hr 1

      Dan Peterson from the Coalition for Property Rights joined me to discuss their activities in Florida. They educate, advocate and try to activate people to become involved in fighting for their property rights. He has been involved in “septic wars” so check out the articles on their website  Take a look at another group Dan mentioned who also are active in the septic wars battle: The ongoing septic war battles could cost Floridians up to $15,000 to meet mandates based on flawed science.

 Hour 2

Lt. Eric Shine, host of “In The Zone” heard on RBN joins me to discuss S1867 and how the “National Defense Authorization Act” relates to what has been happening to him. His website has a lot of info so check it out and listen in.



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