Thursday June 16th Dr. Edwin Berry

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June 16th Dr. Edwin Berry

Dr. Edwin X Berry received his BS degree in Engineering from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 1957, where he studied under teachers like Dr. Linus Pauling. After graduating from Caltech, he taught physics and studied math at Sacramento State University in 1958-59. In 1959, Berry was awarded a teaching fellowship in physics at Dartmouth College where he studied math and philosophy under Dr. John Kemeny, a student of Albert Einstein and the inventor of Basic computer language. Berry received his MA degree in Physics from Dartmouth in 1960 under Professor Millet Morgan. His thesis concerned the effect of the sun’s radiation on radio wave propagation.

In 1961, Berry became the first research assistant for the new Desert Research Institute at the University of Nevada, Reno, where he studied meteorology under Professor Wendell Mordy and physics under Dr. Winterberg, top student of Heisenberg, Nobel Prize winner in Physics, in Germany, and Dr. William Scott. Berry received his PhD in Physics in 1965, with a focus on atmospheric physics.

Dr. Edwin Berry joins me to discuss the lawsuit being brought in all 50 states by the greenies who are out to  destroy all of us.  Barhaugh v. Montana is the name and total destruction of our liberty is their game.

“If you are going to win a national or world championship in a small, highly competitive centerboard sailboat, you must sail on the ragged edge in strong winds. If you chicken out, someone else will beat you. The only way to win such races is to go, as they say, “balls out” all the way. My race today is to help us win our freedom against the most vicious, devious, and dangerous enemy in the history of America. This war is not on foreign soil. It is right here on our land in America. It is a war for the land we live on.” Dr. Berry

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