Friday October 29th Stacy Lynne What color is your garbage can?

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October 29th Stacy Lynne

Stacy Lynne joins me to discuss how local government works to deny you liberty and freedom. Garbage in and garbage out so they say. Dictating who you can hire to haul away your trash to what color your garbage can needs to be are discussed.

Social engineering without public notice — that is what is going on, all over America,” said Stacy Lynn, a proponent of the recall started in Fort Collins last week. “Secrets and lies are used to implement the goals of Agenda 21. Our sovereignty as a nation is being attacked and signed away without a vote,” she claimed…

Lynne, a long time Fort Collins resident, has not always been an active citizen.  Ironically it was trash collection that started Lynne on her current journey. “About 18 months ago, the city decided to take over the trash collection business from two local companies.  I thought that seemed wrong, because first they tried to get the companies to reveal inside information on how to operate a trash business. That seemed strange. Then the city tried to force the companies to give up 6,600 customers without any vote. Then, I knew something was wrong.”

She learned that the effort was called a Sustainability pilot project. She saw the effort as harming local businesses with long histories of success.

But Lynne was NOT interested in trash or the companies. She felt that the US Constitution was being violated in some way. That started her journey. “I’m passionate about the US Constitution,” she said. “The US Constitution is the “most brilliant document ever written, and the source of our freedom and prosperity. I do not want to see it destroyed. ” She has traveled in other nations and seen poverty. “I felt so sad for people who did not live under a representative form of government without liberty, freedom and prosperity. I don’t want to see that happen in the US,” she said.

After months of research, she now believes that the US Constitution is under attack by organizations of the United Nations through local sustainability projects and an organization called ICLEI: the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives,

So, she began to dig into ICLEI and the organization’s 17 year long relationship with Fort Collins which she saw as a conflict of interest and a violation of the oath to honor the Unites States Constitution.  In October 2009, she asked the city council to investigate city employees involved with ICLEI and the Climate Action Plan. “Names of certain city employees appeared on ICLEI documents, and as board members of local businesses,” she said. “The employees were getting paid by the city, and advising certain businesses,” she said. “That seemed wrong — a definite conflict of interest.”

For 14 months she made presentations to the city council on ICLEI and the conflict of interest, she said. “The newspaper reporter took notes in every meeting, but not one story ever appeared,” she said.  “That was very unusual.”Lynne produced large charts showing the conflict of interest and how ICLEI works in over 600 communities throughout America.  “ICLEI provides money, grants and funding as bribes to take action.  The city signs an agreement with many details and clauses. They must implement the environmental goals, or lose funding. Then, the plans are administered by staffers. The details are not up for a vote by city council members. Staffers are empowered and trained in workshops to implement the policies of Agenda 21 ICLEI claims to be a “bottom-up” organization with ideas created by local people, but  the policies are all coming from the UN’s Agenda 21,” Lynne said.

The city of Fort Collins now pays about $1800 yearly to be a member of ICLEI, to receive consultation and training.
“Environmental issues like air quality and global warming provide reasons to implement policies of Agenda 21,” Lynne said.  “It sounds good, but global warming is a hoax,” she said. “The deception is purposeful and provided by the United Nations so that policies of Agenda 21 can be implanted in a way that replaces our US Constitution with the United Nations oath of allegiance. The process is deceptive from the top down,” she said.

The US Constitution says that individual rights and freedoms come from God. However, the UN agreements create “collective rights to groups” not individual rights to people, and those collective rights can be taken away by governments.

“ICLEI is dangerous because they are deceptively implementing Agenda 21 policies at a local level,” Lynne says.  “Global to local is their slogan. But once the policies are implemented, they masquerade as “bottom-up” organization. Connections to the UN are even denied,” she said. “This is a purposeful deception of the American people. This demonstrates the threat to our freedom and our liberty,” she said.

Plan Fort Collins is a large document that has cost taxpayers over $600,000 in consultancy fees paid to two local companies, Lynne said.  “But, page by page, Agenda 21 is the source of Plan Fort Collins. You can find the exact same pages, one after another,” she said. “If Agenda 21 is implemented at Plan Fort Collins, we will have lost the rights that our country was founded upon,” she said. “Anytime you vote for a common good, over individual rights, you have violated your oath of office — which is to honor the US Constitution.” “Whenever you hear that something is being done for the ‘common good” you need to realize what that means. It means your individual rights are being weakened, on purpose,” she said.

Stacy Lynne is on a journey now. “ICLEI denies they are a United Nations organization,” she said. “That’s a laugh. They keep changing their name, and changing their statements,” she said. “We must fight this deception in any way we can.  When I realized what was happening, I couldn’t walk away. I had to do something responsible,” she said. To start a recall petition may be a challenging step in her journey, but this step may be just a beginning. Stacy Lynne grew up in Fort Collins –a hardy Coloradoan, she feels ready for the journey.


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