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wildlands_map_fullThe above map courtesy of Dr. Michael Coffman

UN Agenda 21 Maps

          Maps that illustrate how UN Agenda 21 aka Agenda 2030 is  implemented can be found in many places.   The links to maps, many found WITHIN the documents below are just a sampling of what is available, IF you take the time to search for them.

      All kinds of maps are contained within the “development plans” for where you live. All areas have these “development plans” which are also called by different names including:  comprehensive plan, growth plan, land use plan, visioning 2035, visioning 2020, metro vision 203o, etc.

If you are having problems finding maps for your area contact me, and I will help you.

    To  readily illustrate what kinds of things can happen to you and your private property look at the following example from Roswell, Georgia, USA: 

    Read this petition for now deceased Andrew Wordes who lived in Roswell, Georgia to get an idea of the type of harassment you will eventually encounter as the implementation of Agenda 21 continues via your  development plan aka comprehensive plan.     This is the Roswell, Georgia  “development plan referred to as “comprehensive plan” which is to be accomplished by 2030.   Take note of how the city lists Andrew and his neighbor’s homes on the ‘Roswell 2030 Plan’ as a green space and parks area. In other words, Andrew’s and his neighbor’s homes were to be destroyed  and replaced by open space.

     Do you see your home on your towns comprehensive plan? Not only can your property be taken from you, but the quality of life in your neighborhood can drastically change. To see an example of this look at this video and read the article  that accompanies this video here.


Here is a glossary of  some terms used in development planning. Many of the terms you will read in your plan really mean something other than what you think they mean. http://www.keepourrights.org/glossary.htm

 To find maps for your area do the following:

         Google the terms “comprehensive plan and your town” or “development plan and your town” or “comprehensive plan and your city, county” or province or country. 

        Google “transportation plans and your town or county, or country”  or “2050 and your town, county or city, etc.” or “visioning and your area” and you will find maps included in documents.  

        Try googling “smart growth and your town” or your county, or your state, or your province or your country “. Try googling “sustainable cities 2025 and your area”. Or insert “2030”.

       Try googling terms like: “sustainability and your area” or  “vision 2030 and the name of your town”.  Try “land use map and your town” or county, etc” or “comprehensive plan and your town, county” etc.  Try “transportation plans and your county, state, province etc.” Try “open space maps and your area”. Try ” zoning overlay maps and your town”, county etc.”

    In the US, each state has a department of environmental conservation. Try  looking at their websites for maps. ( I am sure all countries have something similar.)

     Any of the terms that denote UN Agenda 21 can be used to search for maps. 

    Here are some more terms to search for maps: combine the terms:

   “maps and UN Agenda 21” or   “maps and sustainable development”  or  “maps and Utility service areas” or “maps” and any of the following terms:”Urban Growth Boundaries, or wildlands project  or Biospheres, or Global warming or  transition town, or visioning or ICLEI, or Sustainable Development or Smart Growth or Form-Based Zoning or Green Energy Mandates or Carbon Offsets or Cap and Trade or Local Agenda 21 or Livable communities or UN  Framework Convention on Climate Change or the Conventions on Biodiversity or UN Environment Programme or UN-HABITAT  or   American Planning Association, etc.

        Take a look at the any of the so-called “Green” groups that put together maps such as : Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, Greenbelt Alliance, 1000 friends of Oregon, 10000 friends of Pennsylvania,  (I noticed there are several groups that call themselves “1000 or 10000 friends of”… google  the  “name of your area and friends of” and you might find one of these groups in your area too.

You will find they have created documents with all kinds of maps in them.  Google the”group name and maps” and you will be amazed at what pops up.

 wildlands map There are several maps found here. LOOK AT THIS MAP

Open Space

CONserved land worldwide

Map of Conservation Easements every state

Flathead National Forest Road Closer

Nature Conservancy Core Conservation Data

America 2050

Open space world map

Alabama Map watch the map change

Social Justice and Equity This is a very good website which exposes the con job of “social justice” which is NOT equal justice. The goal: redistribute people and cash.

Nova Scotia

Drone Map

Bike Trails  And some are even wheelchair accessible. How about that 2 feet of snow that just fell? It’ll be lots of fun riding your bike through that when you are 70.

GIS and Sustainable Development

US DOT Federal Highway Map Federal Lands

Stopping the coal map

Twin Cities Land use map

Smart Growth Maryland

Priority Preservation Area

Rural Cluster Subdivisions  

most protective“effective zoning” means being  stricter than one dwelling unit per 20 acres which means: that you MUST have at least 20 acres before you can build your home or if you own 20 acres and you decided you wanted to sell off 10 acres to build some houses and make some money off YOUR land, you would not be allowed to do that, which essentially makes your land worthless.

San Diego Regional Planning Commission geographic boundary viewer  This is from San Diego. This map has several overlay features which allows you to “drill down” .

www.sandag.org  Maps and GIS for the San Diego area

www.dvrpc.org Maps for the Delaware Valley area

Western NY  They even call themselves “regional councils” which is a Soviet system of government ( unelected bureaucrats making all the rules for you)

Buffalo Land Use

Topeka Kansas land use

Food Deserts    If you live more than 1/2 mile from a grocery store you’re in a “food desert” so say the commies pushing UN Agenda 21.

Smart Growth Clarksville Tenn.

 Montreal Canada

http://secondcityzoning.org/    Chicago’s zoning map overlay

http://www.tbs-sct.gc.ca/rpm-gbi/doc/dfrpmf-rbiffc/dfrp-rbif-mf-fc-eng.pdf   Canadian info. There are a lot of links in this pdf.


 California Essential Habitat Connectivity Maps

Chicago 2040

Puget Sound Vision 2040

Land Use Cincinnati

Land Use Tampa

 World Heritage List

 Alaska Easement maps

Terrebonne France land use map

 EU noise mapping

Biodiversity mapping

Port of Rotterdam, Germany land use map

 Grand Paris 2030 plan

Midpeninsula regional open space district  San Francisco, Calif. region

 Australia maps

Greece NY trails map

NJ open space



Md. Infill Development Guidelines

European Indicators

 Social Inclusion

Sydney 2030  Australia

Bassendean Australia Vision 2030

Plan NYC 2030

 Vision 2030 Jamaica

 Public Land Use Zones Alberta Canada

 Calgary Canada Complete Streets

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Master Trail Map

Land Use Change Simulation for an Urban Region

 Land Use East Germany (a variety of maps here)

Spain ( all kinds of maps)

Transit Innovations ( in other words, how to manipulate circumstances to force you out of your car)

Portland, Oregon comprehensive plan app 

Tokyo, Japan

Climate Resilient Cities- Tokyo

Oslo, Norway

Berlin, Germany

Designing our city — Singapore

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Conservation Easement Registry

Pa Green Community Parks

 Grant Funding for Local Conservation Pa. map

Richland County, Va. land use map

London, England  Here’s a blog that discusses development which has a lot of maps and information related to what is happening in England. FYI The reason there is such a need for new housing ( high density, sardine can housing) is because England, as well as all other “Western” nations is being over-run with so-called “immigrants, legal or illegal.

U.S. Public Lands access fees

Here is a glossary of terms used in development planning. Many of the terms you will read in your plan really mean something other than what you think they mean. http://www.keepourrights.org/glossary.htm

—> THE VIDEO  below illustrates what is meant by “infill” which you will find in every development plan aka comprehensive plan and land use plan. Read —>THE ARTICLE which accompanies this video here.



Here are some more places to look for maps:


Here is the link where I found the above…there are tons of links listed.





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