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UN Agenda 21, mega regions 2050

    The world is ruled by lies.

       UN Agenda 21 is not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact.

        UN Agenda 21 aka “sustainable development” sustains nothing and takes everything.  It’s a wonderfully Orwellian term designed to dupe people into thinking they are doing something positive by using the term “sustainable” when in reality all they will have accomplished is the enslavement of themselves and their posterity.

          UN Agenda 21 consists of three parts I call hustles: economic, environment and equity (aka social justice). The following is a very brief synopsis of these “hustles”.

The Environment Hustle:

       The fraud of  “global warming” aka “global cooling” aka “climate change” is the scare tactic used to manipulate people into thinking living a 21st standard of living is evil so in order to “save the planet” we must give up our living standards and be reduced to living a like a serf. All one needs to do to research this scam is look here.

The Economic Hustle:

      The goal is equalization of poverty in all nations.  How do they accomplish this? Here are just some of the ways:

  • Manipulation of the worldwide economy through their control of money is used to collapse economies and to transfer wealth (outsource jobs) from Western nations into third world nations where people work for slave wages.

  • All so-called “free” trade agreements such as: NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, TPP and many others are designed to accomplish this objective.

  • The creation of the European Union – serves this objective.

  • Importing millions of third world  aliens aka “immigrants” into all Western nations and only Western nations and placing them at the front of the line for the few available jobs – serves this objective.

  • Importing millions of third world aliens aka “immigrants”serves to destroy the “nation state” which serves the dual purpose of  destroying the nation’s culture/identity which then creates conflict between the masses which – serves this objective.

 Unification is not their goal – divide and conquer is their goal.   The standard of living is purposefully reduced in all western nations to match the poverty level of third world nations.   Detroit Michigan is a perfect example of this goal in process.

 The Equity aka Social Justice hustle:

      Equity does not mean equal. Equity is synonymous with the term “social justice”. Social justice is NOT equal justice.   Theoretically the United States was founded on the ideal of “equal justice”. Social justice means some people are more equal than others.  Think Geo. Orwell’s Animal Farm where some animals are more equal than others. In other words, some animals have “special rights” and others do not.  Social justice means some people have special “rights” and others do not. Think  “minority rights”, think “gay rights”,  think “immigrant rights”, think anyone you are not allowed to criticize otherwise you will be labeled as a: racist, hater, bigot, anti-Semite, White supremacist, homophobe, xenophobe or a NaziwhowantstokillsixmillionJews.  These “untouchables” so-to-speak are the people who have “special rights” and are more equal than others. And one group of  these “special” people are the most equal of all.  In fact, the only group without “special rights” are White Christians.

         Their goal is to decrease the world’s population by 80-85% and create a global serfdom  which they will rule over. In order to succeed they need to accomplish many objectives. One of these objectives is  the marginalization and elimination of Western civilization and the creators of Western Civilization ( White people). Why would that matter?  Historically the creators of Western Civilization would be the only group who would fight against their agenda. Since their agenda operates like a thief in the night, it is hard to recognize which is why there is little outcry against it.   One of the ways they use to destroy western civilization is by creating a clash of civilizations, in other words cultural clashes through the aforementioned massive immigration which creates dissension amongst groups who are all competing  for limited resources.   In 1900 about 33% of the world’s population were White, in 2014 that number has decreased to about 8%. The only group whose numbers are dwindling are White people.  Few people connect all the dots or are willing to really explain the  “equity” hustle because it is politically incorrect to do so.

The following links (in no particular order and not all inclusive) expose aspects of UN Agenda 21 and are all related one way or another to United Nations Agenda 21 – the agenda for the 21st century. The endgame? a “totalitarian one world government”.

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