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April 17th Don Casey Toilet paper commies say…no sheets for you!!!

April 17th Don Casey joined me to discuss GIS ground penetrating radar mapping everything underground, RFID chips included in everything and soon in the ink imbedded in each sheet of your toilet paper to track how much you use. Think … Continue reading

April 11th Paul Fromm Crossing the “red” sea…

April 11th I filled in for John Stadtmiller on The National Intel Report and Paul Fromm joined me to discuss free speech or the lack thereof.  Paul is involved with the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Council of Conservative Citizens … Continue reading

Friday April 6th Dr. Coffman Progressives are poison to liberty…

Friday April 6th Dr. Coffman   Plundered How Progressive Ideology is Destroying America is the title of the latest book from my guest Dr. Michael Coffman.  Global ownership and control of the world by a coterie of Zionist criminals and their frontmen … Continue reading

Thursday April 5th Dr. Paugh You humans just gots ta go…

Thursday April 5th Dr. Paugh  Hr 1  I discussed what was done to “Chicken Man” Andrew Wordes. On air today I inadvertently kept referring to him as “Chicken George”, my faux pas. You can read about what was done to … Continue reading

Thursday March 29th Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh In memory of “Chicken George”

Thursday March 29th Bill Reil & Dr. Paugh Hr 1 Bill Reil joined me to discuss the “law” and the myriad perversions of it. Actually, it’s not perverted, it’s ignored. The tragedy of the common man is the injustices leveled … Continue reading

Monday March 26th Rev.Ted Pike Hate crimes and “you”, well only if “you” are white and a Christian

Monday March 26th Rev.Ted Pike My guest today was Rev. Ted Pike. We discussed Biblical prophecy. Who were the Pharisees? What is the Talmud? What is the truth? Who is the focus of hate crime laws? He mentioned the Good … Continue reading

March 20th Paul Fromm Who are the freedom haters?

March 20th Paul Fromm My guest was Paul Fromm Director of Council of Conservative Citizens and host on Voice of Reason Radio heard live every Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. EST — We discussed the Southern Poverty Propaganda Law Center … Continue reading

Sunday March 18th Here an EO, there an EO, everywhere an EO…

Sunday March 18th Today I discussed the latest executive order from the BO. He likes making EO’s. Kinda reminds me of three little pigs…oops that’s  EI, EI, O….. wrong pig.

Thursday March 15th Terri Hall & Dr. Paugh Smoke & mirrors

Thursday March 15th Terri Hall & Dr. Paugh  Hr 1 Terri Hall freedom fighter extraordinaire joins me to discuss the latest attempt by the toll road commies to enact tolls via the back door. She discusses the fraud of public … Continue reading

Tuesday March 13th Craig Bodeker A conversation about race…

Tuesday March 13th Craig Bodeker   Documentary filmmaker Craig Bodeker joins me to discuss his documentary entitled, A Conversation About Race which can be viewed here   Craig decided to make the film in 2008, after hearing, then candidate Barack Obama … Continue reading

February 28th Dave Kopacz The planners are planning…

February 28th Dave Kopacz  The planners are planning.  They are land thieves using planning as a tool to take your land. Be afraid, be very afraid …then get over it, rise up and take back your freedom.

February 27th John Casey The Cold Sun.

February 27th John Casey Hr 1  John Casey retired NASA Engineer and the author of Cold Sun joins me to discuss his book about the cooling sun.  Hr 2   I discussed the “race card” so eloquently played by our … Continue reading

February 22nd Kathleen Marquardt Something’s fishy…

February 22nd Kathleen Marquardt Kathleen Marquardt joined me today. She is the author of “Animal Scam: The Beastly Abuse of Human Rights” and founder of Putting People First.  What are green cities? Anchorage Alaska had the cleanest water, but in … Continue reading

Monday February 13th Jim Harbison, Melodee, & Terri Hall Whaddya need a road for anyway?

February 13th Jim Harbison Terri Hall Melodee Hr 1 Jim Harbison freedom fighter from New Mexico joins me to talk about the latest commie aka sustainable development maneuvers happening in his area. Jim writes an editorial every other week for … Continue reading

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February 8th Jared Taylor Is race a social construct?

February 8th Jared Taylor  Jared Taylor founder of American Renaissance joins me to discuss race and multiculturalism. He has written a book entitled White Identity which can be purchased on his website Jared mentioned a conference he will be … Continue reading