Out and about in your green ghetto- America 2050

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       Where will you live in 2050? I can guarantee it won’t be where you want to be living. In fact, most of us will have been forced off our land long before 2050 arrives. Look at the maps contained within America 2050 here. People will be locked into one of the Mega Regions. Read what they are planning. Their focus is on the development of Mega Regions where they will be coercing people into living.


      Don’t believe me? Look at their transportation maps. Where do they take you? How will you access areas outside these regions? Look at the “transportation plan” for your area and you will see how much money is being spent on everything except roads. (Google transportation plan and your county to find your plan). They are not repairing our infrastructure and are diverting those funds into buying up land claiming they are saving “open space”, as if we are running out of it. Have you ever flown in a plane from the east coast of the U.S. to the west or from the northeast to the south? What do you see when you look down – open space, and a lot of it. About 50% of the U.S. population lives within 50 miles of the coastline. Go to Google Earth and look at the globe. We aren’t running out of open space.

        They are closing roads all across the nation and globe. For example, they closed the road in Pitkin, Colorado that local people used. Watch the short video. Take note of how they destroyed the surrounding area to close this road. And they claim they “love” mother nature. That’s a ruse. Their goal is control of every inch of dirt and every human being.

In Sonoma County California, they are no longer properly maintaining most of their roads. This will be happening in your area too as funds are diverted from road maintenance to open space preservation and the building of bike paths. Here is an excerpt from an article which discusses this.

          “…The county is responsible for maintaining 1,382 miles of roads. Current county policy is to properly maintain only about 200 miles of roads and to only fill potholes on the remaining 1,164 miles of roads. The supervisors have no plans to rebuild, repave or do anything but fill potholes on 84 percent of our county roads.
Roads to Gravel Policy
Without a pavement preservation program, the orphaned 1,224 miles of roads will deteriorate to a point where they can only be ground up into gravel or be completely rebuilt. At a cost of about $1 million per mile, this would cost over $1.2 billion, which is about same amount for the total annual County of Sonoma budget covering all county government expenditures.
This means that if you drive or ride a bike over county roads that are not part of the about 200 mile Priority Road network (i.e., major connecting roads like Petaluma Hill, Stony Point, Guerneville, Old Redwood Hwy) you can expect those roads to continue to worsen at an increasingly rapid rate. Because the deterioration compromises the road base (think of it like a foundation for a house) the pavement fails more rapidly with every rainfall. Filling potholes with asphalt patch becomes a losing battle.
At a certain point roads cannot be patched effectively and they must be rebuilt. Pavement preservation programs can extend the life of a road by years, saving millions of dollars compared to costly road reconstruction…”
Read the rest here.

    Urban Growth Boundaries are drawn around a region and no growth is allowed outside these boundaries. That includes no infrastructure development: gas lines, electric lines, water lines, sewer lines, phone lines, cable lines or roads.  They call this “smart growth”. Watch this short video which describes “Smart Growth”.

 How will they force people to comply?  In their own words, “Condition federal and state funds … and provide other “carrots and sticks,” to give integrated planning real impact”. Read more of their recommendations here http://www.america2050.org/water.html

        You won’t be getting out and about like you’d like. Your freedom to move about in your car will be severely restricted – eventually eliminated.  All of the aforementioned as well as, increasing toll roads, HOV lanes, high gas taxes, traffic calming, vehicle miles traveled tax, economic collapse along with the ensuing inflation will eat away at your ability to afford a car or much of anything else and that is what they call “social justice”.  Social justice is the equalization of misery amongst the masses. And you will be the “unwashed” masses.

   Look at the National Complete Streets Coalition for more of their plans for your “transportation”.


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