Out and about in your green ghetto- America 2050

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           Well you really won’t be getting “about” very much. Because “about” will be severely restricted. So get used to it. Dolt. They know what’s better for you. And you’ll like it, cause they said you will or else. And they “have their ways” ya know.  That’s exactly what a local code commie said when asked how they could get people to “go along” with what they were unfairly and I might add, unconstitutionally doing to them. She said, “We have our ways.”

   Did I hear you mutter something about freedom? Forget that. Freedom is just a two syllable word. It’s all about the “equity” now baby, just equity. And that ain’t got nothin’ to do with freedom.

It reminds me of the chorus from the children’s song entitled Toy-land.

…Toy-land. Toy-land.
Little girl and boy land.
While you dwell within it,
You are ever happy then.
Childhood’s joy-land.
Mystic merry Toy-land,
Once you pass it’s borders,
You can never return again…

 Once you wake up to their agenda you can never return to your illusion again. And it was an illusion.

America 2050 US Strategy for the next half century


Advancing the global development agenda post-2015






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