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         I was looking at some comments on a website after an article about crime in Indianapolis and read a comment about crime on a bike/walking trail that went through the heart of the city called the Monon Trail.  I figured I’d do a little research on “trails” and found this website that is all about trails.   http://www.traillink.com/   There are a lot of bike trails.  Bike trails are popping up all over the nation.  I am sure you’ve noticed them too. Have you wondered why the government is spending millions of dollars building bike trails?   As a kid I had no problem riding my bike around and I didn’t need a “trail” to do it.   Somethings happening here and unlike the lyrics from the Buffalo Springfield song, what it is – IS exactly clear.   They are preparing for their endgame goal which is to limit eliminate your car use and to encourage force you onto a bike or simply have you walk, ride a bus or train to get from point A to point B.  Don’t believe me? Read this.  What do you think they mean by “traffic calming”? They plan to impede the flow of cars to make driving a miserable experience.  Look here.  Roads will be turned into bike trails since cars will no longer be allowed on roads.    And for fun Google “cars are unsustainable” and see what comes up.  Your Western Civilization lifestyle is unsustainable. It’s going to be fun, you’ll see.

        Crimes like those occurring  on the Monon Trail are being repeated all across the country. Look here,  here,  here and here.  There are too many examples to list them all. Google it.   I looked at the “reviews” of the Monon trail and was amused by the candor  from several reviewers. Here’s one of them:

“…Then down around 38th street there is a four or six lane dangerous crossing with heavy traffic and on below that industrial and blighted area that I did not feel comfortable going through. I made it all the way to the interstate which is the southernmost end of the trail. There have been problems down this far with robberies and after reading about the need for increased surveilance [sic] and patrols I won’t be going here again without protection…. “

        I wonder what this bike rider means by “protection”?  Maybe they are thinking of bringing a handgun?  Well the commies are working hard at disarming us. Or a baseball bat? They’ve outlawed them in the UK so the people are left defenseless there.  How about a four legged companion?  There are commies who think we should eat our dog so you know where Fido is headed.   Read about it here.  Where are all the “animal” lovers?  Some of us know where all the aforementioned forms of protection are headed–outlawed and eventually exterminated because they have  a “carbon” footprint. You just can’t make this stuff up.

     Do they think ” increased surveillance” as in a  camera will save them? Really? Fools. Remember when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.  Here’s another comment…

“You have two choices: you can ride the north end near Carmel where it is crowded, or you can ride on the other side of town where it is blighted. The closer you go to the city the more streets you cross, the more unsafe you feel, and the less bikers you see…”.

Here’s one more just for the hell of it:

    “…The trail DOES go through the inner-city, but it is all very well lit, and I have never felt unsafe when riding. You just have to be smart, aware, and just as polite as usual. :-)…”

     Just be polite? Really? Is that all it takes?  Howdy folks, just passin’ on through, don’t rob me or assault me or kill me. If saying “please don’t hurt me” helped there would be thousands upon thousands of victims who would not have been a victim.   This bicyclist is a classic example of a someone who has been brainwashed and is now incapable of recognizing danger, who thinks all you have to do when finding yourself riding in an area where even the poor bastards living there don’t feel safe – is to be polite. Political correctness places people in harms way – in fact it kills.  He/she is what I call a  “moaner in waiting” .  Lots of moaning and groaning or even becoming permanently silenced await fools who don’t recognize the “danger” all around them.

      “Bike paths” or “walking paths” are all part of big daddy  (Oh, I better be PC, I don’t want to offend all the communitarians who hate men, especially White heterosexual men ) so I’ll call it –  Big Momma Agenda 21.  Don’t worry your little head about the communitarian philosophy  driving this agenda because those arbiters of truth and justice over at the SPLC said communitarians “only practice some communist principles”  Wow, I feel better already.  It’s just communism-light.   Phew.

         There will no longer be a safe, convenient, warm or cool car in the future for you, but you can take that bike path into hell. Eventually, you will begin to realize that bike paths all lead into cities because you won’t have anywhere else to go. You won’t be joy riding in the country. The urban growth boundaries will keep you locked in  “green” ghettos  incorrectly named “smart growth”.

       All people in rural areas will be driven off their land.   Roads are being erased and access to rural areas will be eliminated for all, but a few “chosen” people. And if you do venture out into the “uncharted forest” as Ayn Rand called it in her novel Anthem, one of the recently reintroduced carnivores awaits to bite your little head off and nibble on your tiny feet.   http://www.klamathconservation.org/docs/Carroll_LynxMarten_hi.pdf   You won’t be armed to attempt to protect yourself because they will have succeeded in taking all forms of self defense from you. http://www.infowars.com/amazon-disarms-brits-by-banning-self-defense-items/

     Millions and millions of tax dollars are being diverted away from repairing our roads and bridges and are used to build bike paths instead. http://www.heritage.org/research/reports/2013/03/transportation-and-infrastructure-policy-more-state-and-less-federal-control


     Search the terms “bike path and funding” and you will find all kinds of info.  “Walking” is the new form of “transportation”, don’t ya know?

     Have you  given much thought to  how radically inconvenient and hard life will become when your freedom to use the mode of transportation you desire is ripped away from you? Perhaps it’s time you did.  I bet this new mom wished she had a car. They like to portray what they are doing as creating some utopian fantasy-land where we will all join hands and sing songs.  How can there be happiness if you don’t have freedom?


update 10-20-15 http://stop-hate-crimes.com/2015/10/19/mob-attacks-bicyclists-and-joggers-in-broad-daylight/


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