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Friday October 26th William Clark When men were men…

Friday October 26th William Clark has studied the “law” and offered his insight into how to fight back. He mentioned: custom, usage, practice, procedure, the common law, law of the sea, land patents, homesteaders, the money of account, being a sovereign … Continue reading

Wednesday October 3rd Steve Scott The mind of a free man vs. code commies…

Wednesday October 3rd  Steve Scott, smart cookie who has figured out tactics to use to fight back against the organized crime syndicate known as government. You need to do your homework, There are law dcitionaries online. You need to understand … Continue reading

Wednesday May 30th Crazy Island Population… TBA

Wednesday May 30th  Absent a guest again today so I talked to myself about the healthcare debacle and took some callers who believe by declaring one’s self “sovereign”, big brother won’t get ya.  I beg to differ, but what do … Continue reading

Thursday December 15th Who are the Sovereign Citizens?

 December 15th Bill Reil Bill Reil joins me today to discuss: the Sovereign Citizen, our corrupt government and the solutions to correct the corruption. There are solutions. Did you know that?