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Sunday May 27th Jimmy X Truth is on the march!

Sunday May 27th  Jimmy X former host of Radio X joins me to discuss racism, political correctness and the truth. Can you handler the truth? I think you can and you better wake up before you are sold down the … Continue reading

Friday May 4th Ellen Brown The web of debt…

Friday May 4th  Hr 1  no guest I discussed racism, msm ignoring crimes because of who it is perpetrating them hr 2  Ellen Brown, joined me to discuss our scam $$ system.   She is the President of the Public Banking Institute … Continue reading

Friday April 20th Ramzpaul Let’s “play” whack-a-commie…

Friday April 20th My guest today was satirist Ramzpaul whose commentary can be viewed here. http://www.ramzpaul.com/ The Cultural Marxists are out in force and Ramzpaul helps to “play” whack-a-commie with his astute observations. Ramzpaul whacks political correctness right in the … Continue reading