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We are all approaching exit zero and only some of us know it, most of us don’t.   In March 1980, when the industrial firm Wisconsin Steel abruptly closed its main mill in southeast Chicago, longtime employee Charles Walley was … Continue reading

Monday October 8th Michael Kirsch The time for NAWAPA is now!

Monday October 8th  Michael Kirsch from Larouche PAC joins me to discuss the North American Power and Water Alliance NAWAPA XXI. You can find much more information about it on here: www.larouchepac.com The NAWAPA XXI plan includes the following: i) … Continue reading

Monday March 12th Professor C. William Kauffman “In-sourcing” the outsourcing of technology

Monday March 12th Professor C. William Kauffman Retired Professor C. William Kauffman from the Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan and President, Explosion Research and Investigation Corporation was my guest today. We discussed the outsourcing of American Technology by … Continue reading