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Wednesday June 13th Merlin Miller The A3P is…

Wednesday June 13th  Merlin Miller candiate for POTUS running on The American Third Position Party joins me again to discuss his screenplay, False Flag as well as his position on a variety of topics. Check out the websites below for … Continue reading

Tuesday June 12th Derrick Grayson The minister of truth

Tuesday June 12th Derrick Grayson The minister of truth joins me again to discuss race.  Derrick is a vocal fan of freedom, liberty and the truth. Listen to him on his you tube channel TMOTOFGA and his website is www.tmot.net  

Wednesday June 6th Del. Pat McDonough The color of racism…

Wednesday June 6th Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough joins me for a quick cruise down “Truth Boulevard”. He tells it like it is and we should all thank him for having the courage to speak the truth. Only the truth will … Continue reading

Sunday June 3rd Almost free…

Sunday June 3rd I talked about crime and how political correctness almost prevents the truth from getting out. Well, I let the truth out. I set it free.  Orwell said, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary … Continue reading

Sunday May 27th Jimmy X Truth is on the march!

Sunday May 27th  Jimmy X former host of Radio X joins me to discuss racism, political correctness and the truth. Can you handler the truth? I think you can and you better wake up before you are sold down the … Continue reading

Thursday May 24th Jim Goad & Dr. Paugh Stop telling the truth!

Thursday May 24th  Hr 1   Jim Goad editor of Taki’s Magazine joins me to discuss why white men suck.  They do ya know. Well, that’s what we are told anyway. Don’t believe it? Just ask any kid in school. The … Continue reading

Friday Minister Derrick Grayson One of those trues…

Friday May 18th  Minister Derrick Grayson from the Electrick Church of Georgia joins me to caste his pearls of wisdom our way.  Listen in if you can handle the truth. Can you? Find his website here http://tmot.net/ And watch his … Continue reading

Thursday May 17th Colin Flaherty White Girl Bleed A Lot…knockout game

 Thursday May 17th Hr 1 Colin Flaherty author of “White Girl Bleed A Lot– The return of Racial Violence and How The Media Ignore It” joins me to discuss what the MSM won’t tell you.  The knockout game is happening all … Continue reading

Friday May 4th Ellen Brown The web of debt…

Friday May 4th  Hr 1  no guest I discussed racism, msm ignoring crimes because of who it is perpetrating them hr 2  Ellen Brown, joined me to discuss our scam $$ system.   She is the President of the Public Banking Institute … Continue reading

Monday April 30th Merlin Miller The 3rd position…

Monday April 30th Merlin Miller  candidate for POTUS  representing The American Third Position Party http://american3rdposition.org/  joins me to discuss the fine mess we now find ourselves in here in the good ol’ USA. He explains his position on many of … Continue reading

Thursday April 12 Horus exposes the “pink” rabbits…

Thursday April 12 Hr1  Horus The Avenger joins me to discuss the role the “pink” rabbits are playing in the demise of the “white” rabbits. Find out how to fight back against the “pink” rabbits here www.whiterabbitradio.net  Hr2 Dr. Paugh … Continue reading

April 11th Paul Fromm Crossing the “red” sea…

April 11th I filled in for John Stadtmiller on The National Intel Report and Paul Fromm joined me to discuss free speech or the lack thereof.  Paul is involved with the Canadian Association for Free Expression, Council of Conservative Citizens www.cofcc.org … Continue reading

Tuesday March 13th Craig Bodeker A conversation about race…

Tuesday March 13th Craig Bodeker   Documentary filmmaker Craig Bodeker joins me to discuss his documentary entitled, A Conversation About Race which can be viewed here www.nclnow.org.   Craig decided to make the film in 2008, after hearing, then candidate Barack Obama … Continue reading

February 8th Jared Taylor Is race a social construct?

February 8th Jared Taylor  Jared Taylor founder of American Renaissance joins me to discuss race and multiculturalism. He has written a book entitled White Identity which can be purchased on his website www.amren.com Jared mentioned a conference he will be … Continue reading

Monday August 29th Dr. Kevin MacDonald www.kevinmacdonald.net

 August 29th Dr. Kevin MacDonald Dr. Kevin MacDonald joins me to discuss his book entitled, Culture of Critique. Join us as we discuss the ramifications of multiculturalism. Will America still have a Representative Republic when the people who created it … Continue reading