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Friday November 25th Bill Reil Nullification, John Adams the Federalist and Thomas Jefferson the Anti-Federalist.

November 25th Bill Reil is my guest. We discussed Nullification, John Adams the Federalist and Thomas Jefferson the Anti-Federalist. Bill mentioned the 1798 Alien and Sedition Act and talked about the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. We took some calls and … Continue reading

Thursday November 24th Happy Thanksgiving

November 24th This is a replay of Paul Fromm who was my guest November 14th. His website is www.canadafirst.com  

Beverly Eckman Group manipulation tactics and you!

 November 22nd        Group manipulation tactics.  Do you know you are being manipulated? Few people do and why would you?  You wouldn’t. And manipulators are trained and skilled at manipulation. Slick is a word that describes them.        Before you … Continue reading

Monday November 14th Paul Fromm www.canadafirst.com

Noverber 14th My guest was Paul Fromm who is the Director of the Canadian Association of Free Expression.  We discussed free speech and the lack thereof.  The Canadian “Human Rights Tribunal” is great at denying “human rights” and similar free … Continue reading

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Thursday September 29th Christine Walsh Castle Coalition www.ij.org

 September 29th Christine Walsh My guest for the first 30 minutes was Christine Walsh Director of Activism and Coalitions for the Institute of Justice. Listen in as we talk about eminent domain, civil forfeiture aka policing for profit, economic liberty and … Continue reading

Wednesday July 27th Adam Kissel FIRE Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

July 27th Adam Kissel www.thefire.org Adam joins me again to discuss the latest assaults on liberty happening on a daily basis at our so called “institutions of higher learning” .  What is “special programming”? What is the “tunnel of oppression”?  Listen in … Continue reading