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Doug Christie A life built on principle…

VANCOUVER. March 26, 2013.            The last of four memorial meetings sponsored by the Canadian Association for Free Expression across Canada took place here this evening. Friend…s, former clients, admirers and members of Doug Christie’s Western … Continue reading

Thursday Nov.8th Deanna Spingola Censoring history

Thursday Nov.8th  Deanna Spingola joins me to discuss some historical facts few know anything about including me. Who knew there was so much we had never heard of?  Deanna has authored two books available on her website. www.spingola.com She is also the … Continue reading

Monday September 24th RamZPaul The truth rammer!

Monday September 24th RamZPaul joins me to talk about stuff. He’s a truth re-distributor who uses satire to make his point.  Does being a white male automatically make you a racist? Does being white make you a racist? Are you … Continue reading

Monday September 17th Paul Fromm You are Censored!!!

Monday September 17th      Paul Fromm free speech activist joins me to discuss the pretend “free speech” in Canada, America and elsewhere. He has been an advocate for the victims of the anti-free speech commies. His organization has stood up for and helped … Continue reading

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Thursday September 6th John Kotmair& Mike Nixson Silenced “free” speech…

Thursday September 6th  John Kotmair and Mike Nixson from Save-A-Patriot Fellowship joins me to discuss his battle with our Government. His fellowship is Save-A-Patriot http://save-a-patriot.org/ www.piercingtheillusion.com This is the website for the book John wrote.  A judge placed a gag order on him to prevent … Continue reading

Monday August 27th Paul Fromm Calling all anti-?????

Monday August 27th         Paul Fromm  from the organization called the Canadian Association for Free Expression which is dedicated to Free Speech, Immigration Reform, and Restoring Political Sanity joined me to discuss free speech. There isn’t any to be found … Continue reading

Thursday June 7th Paul Fromm And if we don’t speak…

Thursday June 7th          Fearless freedom fighter Paul Fromm joins me again to discuss the lack of “free speech” that exists in Canada. Free speech in name only is what they have there and here too, very soon. Feel free to … Continue reading

Wednesday June 6th Del. Pat McDonough The color of racism…

Wednesday June 6th       Maryland Delegate Pat McDonough joins me for a quick cruise down “Truth Boulevard”.  He’s called a racist by the mayor. Racism exists in Baltimore, but who are the real racists? We discuss the firestorm he created … Continue reading

February 7th Paul Fromm Does free speech matter?

February 7th Paul Fromm Paul Fromm joins me to discuss free speech and the lack thereof. Is denying the unalienable right to free speech denying justice? Does free speech matter? His website is being revised so check back in a … Continue reading

Monday November 14th Paul Fromm www.canadafirst.com

Noverber 14th My guest was Paul Fromm who is the Director of the Canadian Association of Free Expression.  We discussed free speech and the lack thereof.  The Canadian “Human Rights Tribunal” is great at denying “human rights” and similar free … Continue reading

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Wednesday October 12th Karl Priest www.insectman.us

October 12th Karl Priest My guest today was Karl Priest, retired educator and author of the book entitled, Protestor Voices- The 1974 Textbook Tea Party which can be purchased on his website. http://www.insectman.us/testimony/protester-voices.htm http://www.insectman.us/testimony/text-book-war.htm